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Creative Agency Stratenet

Company Name: Stratenet

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Belgium

City: Gembloux

Services Provided: Strategy, Digital Advertising, Web Analytics, Consulting, SEO

Full Address: Rue phocas Lejeune, 25 5032 Gembloux Belgium

About the Agency

Stratenet is a creative marketing company and they are obsessed with performance. Their advanced marketing technologies and inbound marketing are their help in achieving client’s business goals in order to get more sales, leads and traffic. The creative media agency believes that the agency value is measured in its business results that it delivers and not on the size terms, charges or output.

Short History

Since 2009, the company creative has been developing marketing campaigns that meet the objectives of the business and their customers as well as they have been producing real results when it comes to sales, leads and traffic. The agency has worked with numerous clients from all business model sectors, whether SME’s, start-ups, e-commerce or major accounts.

Their favorite sectors:

  • Tourism and leisure
  • Ecommerce
  • Bank
  • Press
  • Health
  • B2B services
  • Construction
  • Top startup and SaaS
  • International trade

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About the Team

Their team works with the client’s team in order to achieve their sales and marketing goals. Every member of the agency team is an expert and is passionate about challenges, results oriented, has three to ten years of experience and they are guided by figures. They are also surrounded by recognized specialists, who are working in behalf of their specific missions. Through their complementary profiles, they make sure that clients’ campaigns will get the best return on investment.

Their configuration allows them to

  • Quickly deliver projects with value added
  • Provide great proximity to their customers
  • Offer efficient and agile marketing
  • Deliver measurable and tangible results

Their Team

  • Stéphane Bouchez: The senior strategist, CEO and founder
  • Karl Schlicker: The digital strategy and conversion manager
  • Serge Marchal: The SEO and inbound marketing manager
  • Dimitri Buckenhout: He is the advertising manager


This agency creative employs a complete approach: sales and marketing. In achieving the client’s goals, they act on each step of client’s sales and marketing funnel. They also develop their business with inbound marketing. They attract qualified visitors to client’s website through certain content campaigns. Their content is optimized with SEO, shared in blogs and social pages, SEA campaigns and much more.

In generating leads as well as converting sales, they optimize conversion, downloadable content and develop landing pages. They build loyalty and maintain an automated and personalized relationship with every client’s prospects.

  • Digital marketing expertise: Since 2009, they have accomplished numerous types of projects having same obsession for results and performance. E-commerce, major accounts, SMEs and start-ups are some of their offers.
  • Digital strategy: Clients benefit from sales growth and marketing plan.
  • Natural reference: The agency maximizes the site visibility, generate leads and develop targeted traffic on keywords through their comprehensive approach.
  • Digital advertising: The agency develops client’s visibility through their multi-channel approach favoring the marketing mix: social ads, Ad Words, remarketing and display.
  • Growth driven site: They have effective and smarter approach for redesigning client’s site. They are accompanying their clients from A to Z in the creation of their website-oriented sales.
  • Web analytics: Stratenet measure the ROI of each marketing action. They accompany clients to extent of performance of their actions as well as optimization of it.
  • Consulting and training: Clients will benefit from external opinions on their digital marketing or strategy. The agency will be the one to develop internal skills in a client’s company.
  • Inbound marketing service: It is a smart approach that is capable of generating business results for client’s business. It generates more leads, create more sales and attract more traffic.
  • Attraction marketing: The agency will be the one to attract and target the right visitors to client’s site by making content that fits every step of their journey. They also activate the natural referencing levels, social media, paid referencing and links.
  • Convert: From the first content with the clients brand online up to transformation of leading on their site, the agency develops conversions paths for every of their targets that is according to clients maturity to purchase through landing pages and contextualized marketing.
  • Transform: The agency transforms clients’ leads into customers by educating them through email to client’s services or products with automated, personalized and regular basis. They make sure that client’s sales team will have the best opportunities.

Some Examples of Their Work

stratenet apptweak

stratenet zalando

stratenet opera de liege

There you have the overview about Stratenet. If you want the agency to work on your projects, you can visit their site and get in touch with them. Because they have already proven what they can do and offer to clients, you are assured that you get the highest and best quality of project you deserve.

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