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7 Great Creative Media Agency

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Creative media agency is advising companies on where and how to advertise. They advise on how their clients present good picture of them in public. Some of the primary creative agency services include public relations, advertising and other media management. They have to make sure that marketing message will appeal to consumers, in the right time and in the right place.

List of Popular Media Creative Agency

  1. MediaPost: This is a creative media company that started 11 years ago. They focus more on execution of buying, strategy and planning.
  2. Agency Spotter: This is a great creative agency when it comes to advertising and media company. They help you in searching, hiring and selecting your next company with confidence. They have access to industry details that you cannot find in reviews.
  3. StarcomMediaVest: This is the biggest media company because of its dominant position in the United States, managing expenditure of major advertisers.
  4. OMD: They are working closely with DDB, TBWA and BBDO, but not exclusively.
  5. ZenithOptimedia: This is another media company and they are operating independently in some markets in the United States. The company-defined format of modern media buying company when it was established in the year 1980s.
  6. Mindshare: This is the biggest media networks in WPP. They are the biggest media buying and media planner group. The company was created from combination of in-house department of Ogilvy and Mother and JWT.
  7. Carat: In the past 20 years, the agency is the biggest independent media agency and they have no direct ties to major advertising companies or networks. They are a good leader in Australia.

And more,

  1. MediaCom: It is powerful in Europe and it is the only company in the United Kingdom that topped when it comes to high annual billings.
  2. Havas Media: it was known as MPG until the year of 2013. It is main network of French group and incorporating small satellites, which include Media Contacts and Arena.

Main Features of Creative Media Company

Account services: Media companies are following structural hierarchy in creative company environment. The usual hierarchy includes account executive, account manager, account director, client director and head of department.

Account services are important for media companies since they have many people that working with them. Each account will be manage by their department or team and ensure that it will not be public and shared to other people. The good thing is that they are following hierarchy, which makes the company fantastic, exciting and amazing. This is only one of the features of media companies you will know.

Many media production companies have their own features in offering their digital and marketing services that is why it is better to check the website of the agency to know more information about them. If you want to work with this kind of companies, make sure that you choose the best. You should start searching for the company you want to work with.

Start working with the top-notch media creative company today!

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