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Genuine Integrated Creative Agency

Integrated creative agency includes services such as advertising, branding, digital, communications and design. They have distinct skills that can be combined in producing efficient and better results. Because of their production and talent model, they are focus on solutions.

Integrated marketing company give combination of communication channels for campaign such as social media, in-store efforts and print advertising. Also, it require user experience in lay outing template, applying theme, programmer in tweaking code and videographer in creating interview embedded in message. If you want to know the signs of true integrated agency, then here are things that you need to know.

  • Ownership structure is the same throughout offerings.
  • Non-essential services are only outsourced.
  • Work portfolio is balanced across some disciplines.
  • Length of time of skills resided at company.

Moreover, an integrated marketing company can be nimble because of diversity skills at their own disposal. With it, it allows the company to seek at opportunities and issues through neutral lens because there are numerous ways in serving and assisting client needs.

List of Integrated Marketing Communication Agency

  • Ogilvy: It is one of the best-integrated marketing companies around the world. They are offering many services aside from this. They are helping their clients to get what they want and meet their needs.
  • JWT: JWT is a great communication company that you can work with. They offer the best project for their clients to ensure that they will become successful.
  • Iris: Having the best ownership structure is important in a certain business and if you want to have I for yourself, you can rely with this company. They ensure to provide what you need.
  • AMV BBDO: The team of this creative interactive agency is trained and qualified in delivering the best project. If you need branding, advertising or digital, the agency will be your help.
  • BD: This is a great integrated marketing communication company that assists their clients. They offer digital service, marketing, communication and advertising service.
  • DDB: DDB is a good choice for integrated marketing service because they have expertise with it. To have the best communication channels, you can work with this agency.

Main Features of Integrated Marketing Company

  • Brand development and design: Speak, act and look on client’s brand consistently and uniquely.
  • Advertising and promotion: Drive response and build awareness with relevant key and strategic creative appeals.
  • Buying and integrated media planning: Found and find by customers, stakeholders and customers across all channels.
  • Web development and design: Extend clients brand on the internet through sites that are functional, friendly, optimized and fast.

Integrated marketing companies are different from digital marketing, experiential marketing and the best creative agencies. Essentially, the companies satisfy all their clients’ marketing needs. The truth is that these kinds of agencies have capacity, marketing strategies and resources. They boast large team of experts with different expertise across broad range of communications and marketing disciplines. The team makes sure that they work together in making sure that their client’s campaigns are coherent, harmonious, consistent and efficient.

Choose the best integrated marketing communications agency today!

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