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Creative Agency Monkees

Company Name: Monkees

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Digital, Web mobile, Social media, Trafic management

Full Address: Monkees 133, Champs-Élysées 75 008 PARIS France

About the Agency

Monkees is a creative marketing company that deals with digital for a real business. But despite its emphasis on dealing with a real business, the needs and wants of the customers are not compromised. It focuses on the needs of its clients. The center of Monkees’ profile creative agency services is its customers. Its clients share their stories to Monkees. From those stories, the agency starts to make its move. It makes innovative strategies that will strengthen its clients’ brands.

In that way, these brands will be able to sustain its strong status even with the changes brought by technology and other factors in the digital world. Their expertise are in relation with digital strategies, social media, mobile web, traffic management, campaigns, applications, and deployment.

Monkees have been working with different global brands over the years. Some of them are Thales, NRJ, TF1, Groupe Ciasse des Depots, Accor, Decathlon, Orange, Maztri, Martell, AFP, Orange, Auchan, Eurosport, La Poste, Unesco, Securite Routiere Tous Responsables, Total, Carrefour, Asics, Samsung, Vinci, and Ipsos. The agency has offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, and Toulouse to cater more audiences.

Short History

Monkees was found in 2000. In 2014, it has been a member of the Publicis group. At present, it is now one of the leading digital agencies for marketing and advertising in France. It continues to work with its present customers, and willing to make their services available for future clients. Monkees improve its services based on what is trending and what should be done in the present day to adapt with the changes in the digital world.

About the Team

The team of the agency is made of aggregate individuals who have passion with technology, and everything that is digital. They are all talented, creative, and knowledgeable of the services offered by Monkees. There are about 50 employees working in Monkees. The team is composed of ergonomists, artistic directors, web consultants, project managers, web experts, user experience specialists, and front-end and back-office developers.

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Some of the members of the team are Manuel Godeux, Frederic CAUSSIN, the Manager, Alexandre Bourouina, the Group Head, Audrey Soulagnet, the Front-end developer, Marion Joubert, the Assistant Web Project Manager, Guillaume Cloux, the Junior Project Manager, and Guillaume Bauer, the Assistant Project Manager. If you want to meet the other members of Monkees, you can check them on its website.


  • Creative: Brands should be uniquely advertised or marketed in the public, to stand out among the crowd of other products and services with synonymous offers. The creative services of this online creative agency include the conception of digital campaigns, which are appropriate to catch the attention of your target audience. It also consists of the making of graphic designs and multimedia. The creative team of Monkees is expert when it comes to the use of After Effects, Indesign, Adobe, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Development: The agency executes its strategies smoothly. The production team of Monkees is into new challenges relating to technology. Hence, the development services of Monkees are the creation of technical designs, and the making of digital operations and tools, which are appropriate for you.
  • Management and consulting: The management and administration should be continuous. They shall further result to the traffic of your brand in the internet. Monkees provides for effective strategies for your advertising and marketing using the technology. It targets your social media accounts. It aims to make them active. Management and Consulting covers strategic planning, operational deployments, and design.
  • Other services: A few other services of Monkees that will strengthen your brand’s sustainability in the digital world are the digital creation for user experience, the management of your main interlocutors, and the development of your website.

Some Examples of their Work

monkees work pet care

These are just some of the works of Monkees. If you want to see more of its project, you can visit its website.

This digital creative agency combines the power of the king of the jungle, the lion, and the ability of the playful creature, the Monkey. This company profile is only a glance of this agency. If you are want to avail of Monkees’ services or want to know more about the agency, you can check its website online. You can also follow its social media accounts for updates and news. You can also visit its offices personally.

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