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Creative Agency Edenspiekermann

Company Name: Edenspiekermann

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore

Services Provided: Branding, Digital Products & Services, Service Experince

Full Address: Potsdamer Straße 83 10785 Berlin Germany

About the Agency

Edenspiekermann is a creative web agency that helps you strengthen your brand despite the complexities that you face or might face. It is no secret that there are many companies competing with your brand. The thing to do is to make it outstanding. It should have unique points that others do not have or offer. Edenspiekermann has answers for these complexities.

The creative interactive agency designs meaningful, intelligent, and seductive brand experiences. With these brand experiences, your future customers will avail of your services for a long period of time. Also, you will be able to attract, not just local customers, but also global clients. Edenspiekermann’s present customers are satisfied with its services.

The services of this company do not merely make brands, service experiences, and digital products, but Edenspiekermann also creates them with attitude. Edenspiekermann specializes in visual identity, information design, interaction design, brand experience, web development and design, app development, brand strategy, and service design.

Edenspiekermann listens to your stories. But it does not just end there. It brings stories to the digital world. In that way, your customers will have an easy access to its information and services. This will bring you brand experience that is strong and sustainable for a long period of time. Simply, Edenspiekermann has solutions in this world full of complexities. These solutions put people and brands together.

Short History

Edenspiekermann is a creative marketing company which was the result of a merger. It was in 2009 when the merger happened through the German typographer named Erik Spiekermann. The two agencies were Eden design & communication in Amsterdam and Spiekermann Partners in Berlin. With the merger, Edenspiekermann was born with a lot of ideas, strategies, and concepts in the field of strategy, design, and communication. At present, it has five offices, namely, Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

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About the Team

The creative company is composed of about a hundred of individuals from different nations. They come from 15 nations. Edenspiekermann is joined by thinkers, coders, designers, concept developers, consultants, visualizers, copywriters, illustrators, and makers.

The members of the management and staff are full of talents, passion and drive for a high standard and quality works. They want to help your brands grow and develop internationally. Challenge the team, and surely, they will not hesitate to accept it. The team knows that a committed relationship with their clients is important for best results to happen.

Meet some of the members of Edenspiekermann team. The partners that compose Edenspiekermann are Hans Boom, Robert Stulle, Rik Koster, Christian Hanke, Pia Betton, and Joost Holthuis. Booms, Koset and Holthuis are also the creative Directors. The Chief Executive Officer of the Edenspiekermann of Los Angeles Corporation is Christian Titze. Edo Van Dijk, on the other hand, is the co-founder and CEO of Edenspiekermann Singapore. Paul Woods is the COO. These are just some of the individuals who make Edenspiekermann a successful company.


  • Branding: It is what you offer the public. And a brand should be relatable to the people you cater. With this agency, the brand experience is built, which in return, people love. Brand services of Edenspiekermann are Brand Strategy, Workshops, Storytelling, Design, Roll Out, and Brand Intelligence.
  • Digital: The Digital Services of Edenspiekermann build websites and apps for people to know your story, and reach you too. Edenspiekermann brings your stories, ideas, and concepts in digital, to bring it to life. These digital services are User Research, Product Strategy, Content Strategy, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Development, and User Testing.
  • Service experiences: It is important to have committed relationship with your own customers. This relationship is what makes your brand strong and subject to sustainability. Edenspiekermann’s service experiences are offered for the strong interaction between the brand and your customer. To bring this connection, Edenspiekermann provides Research, Ideation and Co-Creation, Customer Journey and Personas, Prototyping Services, and Service Implementation.

Some Examples of Their Work

Edenspiekermann hello giggles

Edenspiekermann red bull tv

Edenspiekermann association of dutch business people

Edenspiekermann’s works are one of a kind. These are just some of them. You can check out the others on their website. Edenspiekermann believes in your capabilities, your brand’s strength. All the agency needs to do is to boost that confidence up for your continued growth and progress.

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