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Creative Agency DELASOCIAL

Company Name: DELASOCIAL

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Hamburg, Berlin

Services Provided: Community Management, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Influence Marketing

Full Address: Christoph-Probst-Weg 31 20251 Hamburg, Germany

About the Agency

There are many creative companies globally and many agencies are to choose from. But you might want to make a stop and consider a newly formed company that has been helping a lot of business recently, Delasocial. It is a digital creative agency that puts its feet on its clients’ shoes. This will make them realize what the customers want to achieve for their business. With Delasocial, brands are connected with the people locally and globally through the agency’s creative ideas, strategies, and innovations. Delasocial is an expert in digital communication, which is unique and effective for businesses.

Delasocial will let you create your own digital story. From this interaction with you, they will think of new and fresh ideas. Their works are data based and customer-centric. This branding creative agency makes significant customer experiences that will surely increase your sales. So, if you are getting more interested with Delasocial, feel free to scroll this article further.

Short History

Delasocial is from Hamburg, Germany. It was formerly known as the Massklusive GmbH. In the year 2013, it changes to its present name, Delasocial GmbH. 2013 then became the year when the agency was established by Torsten Oppermann, who is also the managing director. Delasocial, GmbH became a subsidiary of Performance Interactive Marketing Alliance. Oppermann is also a shareholder of PIA, one of Germany’s biggest Digital Marketing Automation Group. At present, Delasocial has adopted what is new and based on the generation’s feedbacks, different brands are getting the opportunity to reach their customers.

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About the Team

This creative web agency is composed of more than 60 individuals who are passionate about marketing, social media, and public relations. You have content that the company knows what you need because it is made of an international team of natives from different places like China, USA, Korea, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, and Austria. Hence, it explains why Delasocial is an expert for the development and initiation of global communication campaigns catering international customers.

Along with Torsten Opperman, other individuals who belong to the management are Christian Streil, the director of channel and experiential marketing, Nils Kedeinis, the Deputy Managing Director Brand Communication, and Bioern Erbsloeh, the Unit Director of Berlin and Business Development.


Delasocial is known for its digitally focused works. Here are the expertizes of Delasocial that will surely boost your sales and strengthen your brand sustainability.

  • Social media relations: A creative company should help clients with its social media strategy as to stay connected with their own customers through media strategies. And that is what Delasocial offers. In this service, social media monitoring and media buying are also included. It also offers the development of web, mobile and social media sites applications.
  • Public relation services: It is important for businesses to have an established and good name in the industry. They say that publicity, whether good or bad is still publicity. But Delasocial believes that good publicity should be the only option that is why their Public Relation Services should be availed of. Their Public Relation Services include Communication Strategy and Engagement, and Customer Relationship Management. With this service, businesses do not only progress externally but the internal management also has a harmonious work relationship.
  • Brand relations: Brands are sustained and strengthened by launching of brand missions, press release, magazines, blogs, fan gates, events and blogger summits, advertisements, and platforms. And these things can reach out to the whole world.
  • Online and digital marketing: Delasocial still offers the classic way of promotion, but it should be admitted that technology is somehow overpowering them. This is Delasocial’s online and digital marketing expertise should be taken into consideration. Advertising now is taken place on social networking sites. Businesses should create a buzz online also through the improvement of websites, which should be eye catchers. Performance display services are also offered by Delasocial.

Some Examples of Their Work

delasocial bmw

delasocial turkish airlines

delasocial miele

Delasocial determines user-generated content in different key markets. This will enable them to know and analyze the customer experiences and needs. With these, they will be able to guide their customers to the right direction for the development of their products. This is just an overview of Delasocial. You can check them online by visiting their website or checking their social networking sites to see their digital masterpieces.

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