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Creative Agency Antenno

Company Name: Antenno

Company URL: Company

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Country: Belgium

City: Berchem/ Gent

Full Address: Cogels Osylei 19, B-2600 Berchem Belgium

About the Agency

Antenno are consultants who are working using one core value and it is entrepreneurship. The agency is reflected on how the agency works with their clients. They work from high evolvement and sincere commitment. Their flat structure makes sure of high individual responsibility and communication of their teams.

Their focus is about customer organizations to act and think as well as to be more valuable for their employees and customers. This is a creative company that is composed of consultants providing tangible and power results. The mission of the agency is to make sure that organizations will have the best value propositions to employees and to the market. The proposition will add value for customers.

Commitments: The integrated creative agency wants to make from their entrepreneurship, both social value and economic. They do it from their role as employer and they make sure the growth of individuals who make up their organization. In addition to their roles as an employer as well as their commitments, there are projects where they actively participate. Their commitment includes personal commitment, indirect and direct contribution to fundraising, content expertise contribution and establishes partnership in their business network.

Short History

Since 2005, the agency creative is offering market qualitative as well as verified details about consulting and training organizations. They have the AFor screening that serves as their tool in proving their services for consulting or training organizations.

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About the Team

Their team is composed of human capital consultants, business marketers, digital experts and graphic designers. Their method is unique and that is because of their co-creative collaboration team. What do they have in their house?

They have strong profiles having business sense and their team is composed of enthusiasts and experts. They have the commitment in building strategies in each day, identities and brands that make and design campaigns and concepts. Together with their clients, they make sure that their brands work better. They have,

  • Stefan Coucheir: The managing marketer
  • Mariska Brosens: The managing marketer
  • Rik De Wulf: The Human Capital Consultant
  • Lara Donners: The Human Capital Consultant
  • Jonah Mukabalisa: The marketing consultant
  • Julie Heyvaert: The marketing consultant
  • Filip Modderie: The marketing consultant
  • Brechtje The Splentere: The marketing consultant  
  • An Deraemaeker: The marketing consultant
  • Thomas Abelshausen: Content designer
  • Hannah Van Hoorick: Graphic designer
  • Lin Seminck: Graphic designer
  • Renate Martelaere: Graphic designer
  • Hanne Schoolmeesters: Graphic designer
  • Dennis Verjans: Web architect
  • Jeroen Bourgois: Web tooling expert
  • Peter Michels: Web tooling expert

Their colleagues from the Common Ground:

  • Hella Rogiers: Regional Advisor Communications
  • Steven Michiels: Regional Advisor Communications
  • Karolien Van Dyck: Regional Advisor Communications
  • Stefanie Cornut: Architect
  • Griet Noë: Counselor
  • Inge Dorssers: Regional Advisor Communications
  • Rienk Michielsen: Graphic designer


Their service begins from their desire in developing customer opportunities. They leave use business insights in order to develop concepts and initiate change enhancing their customers’ businesses. They dive together, generate ideas as well as develop strategic framework in all projects. For them, marketing is about sharing benefit.

  • Cooperation Models: The agency believes that customer-focused organizations act, communicate and think about their ambition.
  • Consulting: The agency gives advice on communication and strategic marketing issues

Their areas of expertise:

  • Internal branding: With their internal branding, they build brands from inside and out. It gives all necessary links between human behavior and brand values
  • External branding: With this expertise, the agency makes sustainable brand value. Take note that external branding is more than packaging because it is about externalization of everything a service, product or organization stands for
  • Employer branding: Antenno builds employer brand. Branding is a reflection on organization core proposition to current up to future employees. The branding is located in the fault line between HR and marketing.
  • Products and services: Their marketing approach is linked to services and products. By thinking about their customer needs, new and great ideas are emerging on supply on the market

Some Examples of Their Work

antenno Realdolmen

antenno metallo

antenno Vitrapack

If you need a creative web agency, you can rely on Antenno. They have lots of expertises and services that you can choose from. They make sure the success of their clients and their service will not end until they are sure that the client’s project is complete and finished.

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