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Creative Company MRM McCANN

Company Name: MRM//McCANN

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Clichy

Services Provided: CRM & Business intelligence, Retail activation, Digital marketing

Full Address: MRM McCANN 69 boulevard du Général Leclerc 92583 Clichy Cedex France

About the Agency

In the world that is driven by digital, they play with ideas placing consumers at heart of the brand experience. Their first difference: to be on technology and creative level that is business oriented as well as to work within a data, creativity and triptych technology. Their second difference: Their proprietary planning methodology that is focused on understanding the targets and that is omnicam behavior based on proprietary studies and planning tools. Their third difference: To develop tailor-made digital ecosystems and CRM programs that enriched with social strategies, brand content and operational communications that activate and concern client’s targets. They are welcoming clients to their agency with 160 enthusiastic talents.

McCANN is a subsidiary of Interpublic Group, which is a major communications group that employs 24,000 individuals in over 100 countries. In France, they employ 550 individuals and make sure to bring together 7 agencies with different expertise: McCANN, MRM, McCann, McCANN Healthcare, IPG media brands, Weber Shandwick, Future Brand and M Stories. Let’s learn more details about this creative development company.

Short History

In September 2016, the Limelight or Independent Institute BVA that interviews the online creative agency market as well as agency clients ranks the agency in the Top 10 agencies in the nation every year and revealed that the agency benefits from the recommendation of 100% of its clients as well as a 100% satisfaction level of customers. With that, they are thankful for their teams and customers.

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About the Team

  • Francois Tastet is the executive chairperson of the agency. He said that is the profession they choose, they make sure to make technological, creative and strategic at the same time agile, powerful and jewel projects. He said that people matter: their teams, their customers, and their client’s customers matter all the time.
  • Erik Bertin: He is the director of strategies and he believes that behind any commercial or marketing initiative, human mechanisms is always at work. He also said that human is complex that makes him curious all the time.
  • Agnes: She is the DGA and after 20 years in the industry, passion is always there. It is driven by constant desire in order to offer brand experiences that are generous, effective, true and simple. She said that useful ideas make it possible to offer daily happiness to their buyers that have the time to listen to them as well as understand them upstream.
  • Guillaume Paquin: He is the creative director and he said that some things in life are bad and it makes you mad. Other things make you curse and swear. He also said that when you are chewing on life’s gristle, don’t grumble, but give a whistle. With that, it help them turn thing out for the best and make sure to always seek on bright side of the life
  • Dragan Kontic: He is the director of technologies and contact centers. He said that the passion, the perseverance and the strength of experience make it always arrives at the best port. He said that technology is nothing, but a sea of waves.
  • Guillaume Pommier: He is the director of new business and communication and he is a big fan of digital and CRM products. He strongly believes that great experiences of tomorrow will be those that will succeed.



  • Research and intelligence: From primary up to secondary research, proprietary and social listening exercises, digital creative agency mines all possibilities.
  • CRM strategy: The agency makes sure to make strong bonds with their people.
  • Brand planning: They will understand the cultural context and develop an integrated communication to share and tell the brand story
  • Digital strategy: They use behavioral observation, data insights as well as intuition to design and map the ecosystems, digital journeys, and experiences.
  • Content strategy: They make sure to make content to connect with people, get valuable insights and ensure to increase relevancy.
  • Social management and strategy: The content they are making is conversational in scientific and tone.
  • Media planning: They operate reactive and proactive to make sure that they reach their audience at right time.


  • Product innovation: They uncover innovations and creative solutions to generate new revenue streams.
  • Brand development: They encompass brand strategy to brand identity and systems and ensure to bring ideas to life.
  • Digital advertising: Their team offer comprehensive services to client’s brand through emails, social networks, apps, and websites.
  • Campaign development: They measure, optimize and seize each opportunity to connect with clients buying public.

Some of the services include social media, relationship marketing, creation and e-commerce design.


  • Commerce platforms: They offer platforms capabilities to facilitate and manage commerce for clients.
  • CMS platforms: They are offering award winning solutions to their clients.
  • DAM platforms: Their team design global custom solutions to connect compatible CMS and Dam systems
  • CRM platforms: They focus on the needs of customers and keep all data coming usable and useful.

Some of the services include mobile development, system implementation & maintenance, site development, technical innovation, technology, and application development.

Some Examples of Their Work

Guadeloupe mccann maybelline mccann mrm mccann nespresso

There you have the details about the agency. You can always get in touch and communicate with them anytime you want. They will help and guide you with what project you need for your business. They have many services and specialties that will be your guidelines on what service you may want to avail. For more details, you are always free to check their website.

Learn more about the online creative agency today!

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