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Creative Agency Uhura Creative Media

Company Name: Uhura Creative Media

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Services Provided: Strategy & Design, User Experience, SMM & Content, Technology, Data & Analytics

Full Address: Stralauer Allee 2 a 10245 Berlin

About the Agency

Uhura Creative Media is a technology and marketing company that makes campaigns and digital media formats that will reach as well as involve people. With their expertise, they are helping their customers and clients to take advantage of their opportunities that offered by a digital change in areas of the internal organization, sales and communication.

The advertising creative agency stands for excellent, technology, user centric digital products as well as content. The best thing is that they also received from juries of international awards.

Short History

Uhura Creative Media Company has a vast experience when it comes to marketing and technology campaigns. They can give the best to their clients whatever digital project they are looking for. They already have proven what they can do with their previous clients.

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About the Team

This online creative agency has 33 consultants, software developers, editors and designers. They have Kai Wermer as their CEO and their consulting strategy. They also have Juha Richter, which is the CEO and responsible for design interface. They have Philipp Paul as the digital consulting, Margarita Kozakiewicz as he head of content and editorial. These are some of the people that help the company in completing the project of their clients and customers.


  • Strategy and conception: Technology and marketing are inextricably linked. Content, new services, digital value added services and applications become an essential part of brand experience and product experience. Their team analyses the digital change impact on products, brands and companies. They also develop concrete solutions and strategies offering real added value to individuals. With that, they developed a set of tools that are comprehensive focusing on user-centered methods for strategy consulting that is efficient in consulting process.
  • Innovation and management workshops: This is a creative company that focuses on communication planning, digital brand strategy development, marketing automation strategies, social media strategy, Lead-nurturing strategies, visibility strategies and scorecard development, measurability and analytics strategies. They also offer the content strategy that is focused on audit, organization, moving picture and matrix. They also have service design for blueprints and customer journey. They offer user surveys for online surveys, sentimental and multiplier interviews.
  • Design and user experience: A good design remains to be the key success factor to have outstanding sites, digital content, interfaces or mobile applications. Their designers are working closely with their team to provide useful, inspiring and elegant design solutions.
  • Interface and web design: In this service, they are offering motion graphics and video, usability testing and research, corporate design, interaction and service design, visual content strategy and design, branding and identity design, social media and content as well as information architecture, wireframes and user scenarios.

This creative web agency supports and develops content campaigns and will convert the relevant content into image, video and text. In addition to content for sites, mobile applications and shops, they support social media actions as well as profiles for different tasks and customers.

  • Development of social and content media strategies
  • Format development and video production
  • Corporate media solutions such as internal and external communication
  • Social Media Editorial and support
  • Visual content like interactive graphics
  • Online redaction and e-commerce editorial team
  • Content marketing campaigns
  • Social media control and campaigns
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media CRM

Technology: Their software developers, as well as technical consultants, to connect startup culture with an untroubled view of technological possibilities. They have focus on their customers and the wants of their customers.

The company is committed to the development of the Open Source and they tailor made solutions. For efficient communication and implementation with customers, they are using task, time and ticketing recording systems.

Consulting and evaluation

  • Re-launches, Websites, Microsites
  • Blogs and landing pages
  • Content management systems and PIMs
  • E-commerce shops and applications
  • Front and back end development
  • Responsive Solutions and mobile sites
  • Web apps
  • Mobile applications such as iOS, Windows 10, Android and Hybrid
  • Internal communication systems
  • Data and analytics
  • API integration and orchestration
  • On-page optimization
  • Prototype development
  • Python, ruby, PHP, java
  • Quality control such as html5, node.js, angular.js, java script

The company gives comprehensive services for evaluation, services development and KPI measurement for gathering the right details and making the success measurable. With this, they are offering:

  • Data collection strategies
  • In-app analysis
  • Privacy Policy
  • Data cubes or OLAP
  • Website analysis tools, and much more
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social media audits and real-time analysis
  • AB tests
  • Dashboard development and automation
  • Conversion analysis such as UX and User-Flox
  • Content evaluations
  • Lead and micro conversion analysis and benchmarking

Some Examples of Their Work

uhura creative media berlin fashion week

uhura creative media banken verband

uhura creative media total

There you have the details that you should know about the company to find out if you could consider them or not for your website development, launch or re-launch as well as digital marketing.

Learn more about the creative agency today!

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