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Creative Agency Social Trademark

Company Name: Social Trademark

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Köln

Services Provided: Website Solutions, Control Center, Consulting & Workshop

Full Address: Im Klapperhof 7-23 50670 Köln Germany

About the Agency

Social Trademark is an online creative agency that has only one mission, and that is to turn people into value ambassadors. What does this mean? It just means that Social Trademark aims to turn their clients into responsible individuals as to create a society that helps one another to progress. When people become value ambassadors, they will be able to impart their knowledge, sustain that information and utilize technology in a way that is beneficial for all. With Social Trademark creative web agency customers are provided with tools and information to mould a better place to live in.

Short History

The creative agency is established by Ibrahim Evsan. Evsan is one of Germany’s popular keynote speakers, an expert on web philosophy and personal branding, and a digital leader. He established Social Trademark in 2014. So you can say that it is a little bit new compared to other agencies. Being a new agency, it is motivated to bring out fresh ideas and services that no one has ever offered. They are challenged to present something different to the table.

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About the Team

Every creative web agency is composed of distinct individuals who make the mission and vision of the company a reality. And of course, Social Trademark has these people. Social Trademark is made of passionate people and talented individuals who have a sense initiative. It is led by the founder, Evsan, who is also the present Chief Executive Officer. Together with Evsan are Amir Kassaei, Dr Jürgen Heraeus and other great individuals behind Social Trademark. With them, you can rest assured that your business is safe with a creative company.

Social Trademark is not only externally helpful but also internally. Employees are empowered because they are also given the tools and information to help the customers make the world a better place.


  • Personal branding: Social Trademark utilizes all the possibilities that internet has to give as to establish and develop your expert status. With Personal Branding, you will be able to become an influencer, a supporter for others and maker of difference; hence, you will become a valued ambassador. In personal branding, you will be exposed on the internet sites like social networking sites and Google. Social Trademark also creates an Expert’ Page, develop an insightful storyline and a content that is concise but full of relevance. You will not just be able to share your views, but you will also be trusted by the people.
  • Influencer marketing: This type of service will enable you to get the attention of the public through the Expert Page and social media channels. You will also stay connected with Social Trademark’s regular network events. So, with this service, you will be social, influential and visible.
  • Social selling: Visibility on the internet is very important for brand sustainability and strengthening. With Social Selling, your brand is seen often more than the usual on Google. You will get to have a transparent exposure to the public, and it will result in identification by many. Social Trademark makes social selling possible by the development of a digital strategy.
  • Social CEO and employer branding: In a company, it should have s strong management. The employees behind it should be well driven to achieve their goals. And this is what Social CEO and Employer Branding do. It will attract qualified people to join your company. Social Trademark has a specific procedure to help you encourage talented ones to be a part of your company.
  • Corporate branding: Social Trademark develops strategies to establish trusted corporate brands. This is possible by the creation of a unique and incisive corporate story and comprehensible image for your business to your own customers, clients and even business partners. With this, you will be able to build trust and good relationships among your circles, and a strong transparency to the public eye.
  • Content marketing: In content marketing, you can call the attention of the public by your entertaining, informational and advisory posts.

Some Examples of Their Work

social trademark bodywear

social trademark cms

social trademark pilot

Social Trademark makes it a point to go back to what it believes in, that is, every person has the capacity to become a valued ambassador. To be a valued ambassador does not only help an individual, but also the whole world. Just imagine if everyone is a valued ambassador, there is the sharing of knowledge and the useful utilization of technology that are the keys to shape the world into a better place. So if you are more interested with Social Trademark, visit their website now and avail of their services.

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