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About the Agency

Across six continents having different languages, the truth is that StudioCom has fundamental human need in connecting with others. They are a full service creative marketing company with offices around the world. They are helping brands in fulfilling needs and they make sure their projects will matter to their clients.

Even though they are a growing business around the world, pushing boundaries of technology and adapt to the changing culture, they stay true. They are putting first their people and not their egos. They are constant collaborators, passionate professional and fearless dreamers that strive in having brilliant ideas.

Short History

In the year 1992, their founders named as Scott McCormick, Craig Ligibel and John Valentine create integrated company that is nimble, collaborative and versatile with their clients. This creative advertising company build a strong relationship with their first client. Their founding client named as Christopher Clouser recognized their initiatives. VML has the commitment for reinvention and innovation that helped this digital creative agency evolve their capabilities and take on exciting and new work. Despite of everything, their mission is to stay the same in moving brands and creating meaningful human connections.

About the Team

Each VML leader ensures to keep an eye on each detail of the client’s project. Their leaders are not only inspirations and guides to their internal operations as well as creative work, but they are strong drivers of the industry, both international and local levels.


  • Inspiration in action: They are putting their people at the center. They are taking their three core practices such as marketing, advertising and strategy and intelligence. For each challenge, they make sure to find the effective and insightful solution. They are pushing their work beyond and they strive to get the best solutions.
  • Strategy and intelligence: The Company makes sure that they understand their people. They will know about their demographics and tell what they can do more. They ask questions. They analyze. They observe and hypothesize. They are doing everything in order to find the best insights. Whatever work you have, they make sure that you are on right path.
  • Marketing and advertising: With good story, they can elicit a wide range of emotions, whether it is anger, pure joy, compassion and empathy. At the company, they never take the story on one side only. They are giving their insights in crafting honest narrative that resonates as well as inspire people. If they transform communication to conversation and collaboration, they ensure to leave an impression on brands.
  • Platform and experiences: Whether it is a mobile experiences, website or about retail space, this company creative will look the environment in determining the best inventive way in giving clients what they want. From strong idea, they develop set of experiences and they will aim for something that is best for their clients. They ensure to create technology invisible.

Some Examples of Their Work

  • Mission Control
  • Digital Art Gallery
  • Love Says Stop
  • Digital Platform
  • Search GPS

There you have the information about this online web agency. The company will be your help in getting what you want. To meet your needs, you can start getting in touch with this agency.

Check out more about this online creative agency today!

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