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Creative Agency straight.

Company Name: straight.

Company URL: Company

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Country: Germany

City: München

Services Provided: Advertising, Creative Marketing, SMM, CRM, Digital Marketing

Full Address: Lyonel-Feininger-Straße 26 80807 München

About the Agency

Straight is a creative marketing company that specializes in communication. It is their pledge to their clients to provide an effective mode of communication between them and their target market. The company’s advertising materials serve as the bridge that connects to clients. To make this work, Straight ensures that every material it creates conveys the right message for the target market group. The creative development company also makes sure that promotional materials are published through the most appropriate and effective channel or media where the market can access them.

Short History

Straight was established in 2001 in Munich. From there on, the company has begun creating innovative designs and out-of-the-box advertising concepts. The name of the company was derived from a simple word “straight”, a word with common recall and meaning in every language – direct, upright, clear, and honest. From this simple name, both employees and clients have a clear perception of how the company does business. Today, Straight has over 16 years of advertising and multimedia experience.

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About the Team

Straight’s team is composed of highly skilled, driven, and passionate designers who came from different parts of the country to be a part of something big, something different. They have the most experienced multimedia artists who bring the best concepts on how to make a brand known in all media platforms. The company is constituted with numerous artists of different specializations – all work altogether to deliver high-quality advertising materials.

As of today, Straight is in constant look out for the best artists and designers who want to join their team.


Straight is the creative company that can bring names of the biggest brands in the world – from simple brochure print outs to the biggest signage in the freeway, from a simple hashtag on social media to the most complex online advertising – Straight can convey the strong message of the brand.

  • Digital marketing: It is one of the most important and effective mediums to reach target market clients today. This channel of marketing has become part of people’s everyday life, making it the fastest and solid way to reach future clients. Straight Agentur offers one of the most sophisticated and unique digital marketing solutions to help brands and bring them closer to the marketplace. Straight uses simple, practical solutions and complete multimedia concepts – from strategic consulting, conceptualization, creation and technical support. The company also recognizes the unique needs of every client; thus, Straight ensures that solutions are tailored according to client and brand needs.
  • Dialogue marketing/CRM: Straight advertising does not stop supporting clients’ products once the ads were launched. The company maintains a long-term commitment to the success of every product it handles. It preserves constant communication with clients and customer support system throughout the contract. Moreover, clients are assured that they can rely on Straight for their future expansion.

This constant support structure also helps clients maintain and gain future customers, which will lead to future business development –both for clients and Straight. As part of Straight’s technical and marketing support, the company maintains customer database for inventory maintenance and future references.

  • Classic advertising: The traditional advertising is still the most charming and effective way to reach the majority of target clients. This is why Straight still maintains the straightforward and classic method of advertising through several media such as cinema campaigns, posters, print ads, radio, and television ads. For the past 16 years, Straight has proven the efficiency of such media and they will still be in practice in the next decades to come.
  • Social media: Straight has also expressed its expertise in designing, launching, and maintaining social media platform as an effective mode of marketing. It develops unique and market-appealing campaigns since the beginning of social networking. Today Straight maintains numerous campaigns for brands on Facebook, YouTube, and Google+. It has also dominated visual media like Instagram and Pinterest.

In more than one decade, Straight has been handling the biggest, most competitive, and influential brands in the region and in the world. Among the brands it manages are in the following section,

Some Examples of Their Work

straight. bosch

straight. m-net

straight. allianz

A name is not a brand until it gains conviction and trust from its target customers. For a brand to work out, they believe that it takes a creative company with experience and expertise to handle brand marketing – something Straight is great at.

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