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Company Name: btl creative

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Country: Germany

City: Munich

Services Provided: Branding, Creative Marketing, SMM

Full Address: Lindwurmstr. 97 80337 Munich Germany

About the Agency

With nearly 150 creative employees, btl or “Below the Line” is an experienced digital creative agency committed to providing a wide range of promotional services – from graphic concepts and designs, advertising materials, digital, pre-press, and printed brochures.

Headquartered in Bucharest, btl has reached various local and international companies that trusted the team’s skilled artists. btl is known to be one of the leading influences in marketing today. The company’s drive to go beyond what is expected is rooted from its founder’s passion, which reflects on the name of the company itself – Below the Line. Today, the creative production agency is going beyond the line, far from what is expected from them.

btl has a wide range of network and access to various media- online and print. It has touched various clients’ marketing promotions and brand management that placed both the company and its clients in the very strategic part of the advertising geography.

Short History

btl started in 2013 in Munich. With over span of four years, it widens its business and now operates in other three countries –Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The company’s four meaningful years in advertising and multi-media industry have shaped it in every important aspect. With over 2500 events and more than 100 campaigns launched each year, btl is a seasoned creative agency with confidence to march along with other multinational companies and huge players in the market today.

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About the Team

btl is composed of more than 150 creative, experienced, and skilled artists, designers, digital marketers, finance experts, and people managers, who work seamlessly to provide sophisticated and top-class designs for their clients across the region. This company values diversity and believes that it takes an open mind and coverage to take the giant leap to achieve success. Its staff members have opened new ideas and unique design perspectives. Its team influences the media, which in return influenced the market in general.

btl still brings the best of creative minds in the industry by tapping the best candidates whose artistry and passion are dedicated to putting life to a brand.


As an online creative agency, btl’s main priority is to ensure that clients’ brand stands out – no matter what industry they are into. btl is known for its customer focused values and client-satisfaction ratings. It offers:

  • Brand consultation services: btl specializes in identifying what a brand needs – from the name, colour, tagline, etc. It helps clients put an identity to their brand by providing concepts on how the product should look like and how the market should perceive it.
  • Re-branding: For existing brands that need further improvement, btl brings its re-branding team to repackage or reinvent the brand’s identity.
  • Media consultation: btl uses the most timely and available media where the target market can access the brand such as social media, the most influential media today.

It gives brands not only name but also a face that it can wear across media platforms. Being a major influencer in the field of marketing, they are one of those that pioneered in creating Brand Love for each individual product name. btl’s Brand Love allows clients, shareholders and ends users to have authentic brand experience. It brings the entitlement, satisfaction, and unique experience to every client and ends user who uses the brand. The agency finds and accesses the right target market by connecting with the right media. It uses the most appropriate and timely designs for a specific group of customers.

With btl, clients are assured that they will reach their objective through the right platform at the right time. btl both works in online and offline platforms such as social media and other forms of online advertisements. The company assures that clients and their market will have authentic involvement once they experience the brand.

btl has proven its design and marketing abilities through the years. It has brought brand names of huge companies into a bigger market in a larger perspective. Among its clients are in the following section.

Some Examples of Their Work

btl creative spotify

btl creative vomex

Selecting the correct media is a very important factor in creating a brand name. But choosing the right agency that will determine what your brand needs are much more important. Businesses today do not only rely on radios and televisions for their advertisements but also on the web. They need a more aggressive media platform to bring their brands to the market. btl creates, shapes, and introduces brands to the people who need it. This is the company that puts your brand on the map where the right people can see and talk about it.

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