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Creative Agency Sid Lee

Company Name: Sid Lee

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Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Commercial creativity (philosophy), Conversational capital (mantra), Sid Lee Collective (ideas incubator), Sid lee Architecture (outdoor & indoor architectural projects), Sid Lee Studio (IT, prod & post-prod cie)

Full Address: Sid Lee 12, rue du Sentier Paris, 75002 France

About the Agency

There are no real boundaries between content, digital marketing, retail design, advertising as well as other disciplines. The fact is that, for the consumer, almost each moment in their day-to-day life involves interaction with brands. Each touch point should be carefully created to give consistent and rich experience.

Sid Lee makes experienced by using an integrated approach to transforming it to growth drivers for their clients. The creative agency is one of the most multidisciplinary creative teams around the world. But it is not enough because they continue to cultivate radical collaboration by tearing down all the barriers that creeping up. They are guided by a group of strategists that develops transformative consumer experience.

Today, the mission of the creative advertising agency is to transform brands by taking incremental steps continuously in the right direction as well as to make big and great pivotal leaps. If you check out their work closely, you will see that they do more because it is what they do. They believe that all agencies, theirs included. Sid Led morphed itself repeatedly- sometimes by taking the real risk to adapt to changing technologies, markets, and consumers. They are an interactive marketing trailblazer that does their best for their clients. Their unique journey taught them to appreciate how lucky they are to be together, to have fun in all the processes and to work with great clients.


  • Belief no. 1: Extinction or Transformation: Rapid changes are the key in defining the reality of their era. Agencies adapt to it, succumb or drive it. The agency provokes and embraces new thinking ways as well as doing to help their clients navigate through competitive environments.
  • Belief no. 2: Consumers are the medium: Positive endorsements from other consumers are the most powerful media that is available to brands. Audiences are not being swayed by messaging; it should take coherent and immersive experiences that make conversational capital.
  • Belief no.3: Consumers are not just consumers: Yes, all are consumers and most of them accept the reality, but a more meaningful way in engaging individuals is to recognize that they are humans, primarily, guests, visitors, users or fans.

Short History

While there are many companies talking about the agency, they have been walking the walk for over 2 decades.

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About the Team

With no experience, no money, no clients and no portfolio, they set out to learn all the crafts. They worked hard, ran into bumps and made bold moves, but they are lucky enough to have clients that have supported them in their quest in exploring new way of doing such things. Their real knack and progressive attitude for digital made the agency an innovative force around the globe and allowed them to win assignments.

Did you know that the agency first clients were a plumber and founders had never set their foot in any agency? The agency did have email before 1994; however, they did their first digital project in the year 1995. In addition, the first international project of the agency is in the year 2003. 5 years later, they opened their Amsterdam office and they completed assignments in Japan, UK, Germany, France, Gibraltar and Dubai.


Commercial creativity embraces all business forms that focused on creative disciplines and ignoring traditional boundaries. It takes media agnostic approaches as well as commitment to find the best solutions instead using the same ones repeatedly. They pioneered there approach over 20 years ago. Their service is offering encompasses in such disciplines:

  • Analytics
  • Digital and social media
  • Advertising
  • Content
  • Events and activation
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Branding
  • Media

The agency has multidisciplinary teams around the globe. They leverage the power of multidisciplinary thinking by assembling experts from numerous fields. Here are samples of talents they have that is working as unified team under a cross-discipline strategists leadership.

  • Art directors
  • Writers
  • Architects
  • Analysts
  • Interactive developers
  • Industrial designers
  • Analysts
  • Editors
  • Creative technologists
  • Illustrators
  • Screenwriters
  • Interactive designers
  • Motion designers
  • Community managers
  • Producers
  • Brand planners
  • Information architects
  • Graphic designers
  • Interior designers
  • Set designers
  • Directors
  • Content managers
  • Experiential producers

Some Examples of Their Work

Knowing enough information about Sid Lee helps you decide whether they are the agency to help you or not. They are working hard for many years to satisfy their customers and clients. You can always check them out for more details.

Find out more details about this creative marketing company!

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