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Creative Agency PINK CARROTS Communications

Company Name: PINK CARROTS Communications

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Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Frankfurt/Main

Services Provided: Branding, Content, Digital, Strategy, SMM, Apps, Media

Full Address: Solmsstrasse 4 60486 Frankfurt/Main Germany

About the Agency

Pink Carrots has been working with different companies over the past 20 years. This creative design agency designs materials, manages brands, and directs marketing campaigns. The company’s team is known for designing attention-drawing materials that capture the interest of target market. They specialize in promoting healthcare brands across the region.

Pink Carrots oversees and handles healthcare brands in a very innovative way. The creative digital design agency puts efforts and hearts to every campaign it handles because it believes that healthcare customers are the true beneficiaries of these materials. It manages the most prestigious healthcare brands in the country and helps convey the message to their clients and shareholders.

Short History

Pink Carrots was established on December 1, 1992, and it became one of the country’s leading agencies under GWA. Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the company is managed and self-financed by its owner. It is a proud member of Bundesverb and Internetmedizin BiM and continuously making a difference in the industry. Today, Pink Carrots is one of the leading creative advertising companies in the country specializing in publishing managing campaign materials for healthcare providers, clients, and partners.

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About The Team

Pink Carrots is composed of 35 permanent employees – this includes people in the consulting, design, and company’s back-office. Its CEO is Christoph Witte. This company creative has diverse and flexible team members, whose skills are seasoned through years of experience and constant training. Its team is a combination of artists, designers, managers, and technical groups from different neighbouring countries. With proven years of experience, skill sets, and polished portfolio of accomplishments, clients are assured that their campaign materials are in good hand at Pink Carrots.

Its team is well versed in numerous languages, including English, Croatian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, and Norwegian. This language and cultural advantage allow the team to handle clients from across the region. The team is also composed of technical support groups who ensure that campaign materials are channeled across different platforms.

Pink Carrots provides a wide range of advertising and marketing management services, specifically for healthcare agencies. The services that the company offers are highlighted in the following section.


  • Brand management: Pink Carrots helps clients manage their brands by positioning them in strategic platforms where their customers can access them. It carries out marketing strategies including top notch corporate designs, visual effects, and effective messaging techniques. The company sees to it that healthcare brands are not merely empty campaign materials to deceive the public. Pink Carrots ensures that brands bring knowledge and awareness to its target markets. It designs campaign materials that move people to act.
  • Content marketing management: Pink Carrots manages all types of multimedia content for its clients – ranging from medical content articles, public releases, print and press campaigns, stories, sales and multimedia write-ups. It also specializes in internal campaigns, motivating employees and stakeholders to join hands in making important changes for their company. The company has skilled writers who specialize in healthcare content materials. It has a pool of expert editors who ensure that all contents – published or unpublished – are of correct, accurate, and timely content.
  • Digital support: Pink Carrots also specialize in application development, implementing, and operating animation and 3D Mechanism. Its team is composed of highly skilled and technical experts who design campaign materials for online and offline media platforms. They also design materials that support virtual and augmented reality, both for online and offline platforms, company virtual conferences, and other computer-generated resources.

For the past 20 years, Pink Carrots has been making innovative steps in healthcare campaigns. The company’s current and previous clients can attest to this. Among these clients and works are in the following section.

Some Examples of Their Work

PINK CARROTS Communications respimat

PINK CARROTS Communications canton

PINK CARROTS Communications pinkupy

Healthcare campaign materials are exceptional when it comes to advertising because of its complexity, terminologies, and target clients. This is why clients you need an experienced, skilled, and proficient digital creative agency to take care of those materials. With Pink Carrots, you can rest assured that experienced people will handle, manage, and promote your brand professionally. The company guarantees that your healthcare brand information is disseminated through the right media platform, thus reaching the possible potential clients for your company in the future.

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