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Creative Agency MNSTR

Company Name: MNSTR

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Digital, Advertising, Event, RP, Social media, Brand content

Full Address: MNSTR 3, Boulevard Saint Martin 75003 Paris France

About the Agency

The vision of the company creative is to inspire brands to realizing the most engaging, efficient and innovative strategies today in order for client’s business to thrive tomorrow. The interactive creative agency is created in 2010 and it is an agency from digital era. Their profession includes engagement campaigns on integrated and network campaigns as well as rolled out through brand content creation.

The storytelling is focused on spreads of digital towards advertising, events or PR. Stories are being devised in collaboration with their most highly specialized creative talents: writers, directors, graphic designers and others. In addition, the brand purpose of the agency is to accompany brands in elaboration of innovative, efficient and engaging communication strategies today so that their client’s business thrives tomorrow.

  • Their opportunity to be media neutral and independent: The agency is responsible for their own growth and as an independent agency; they can be flexible as their audience is that is constrained by ownership or no ties to channels. They make sure to have an ultimate connection with business insights and consumer with cultural and technological opportunities that take their ideas on online, TV, mobile, social or in store.
  • Their drive: The agency helps business to continue thriving tomorrow. They stand in turning point where digital is not just a communication outlet. They inspire brands through identifying technology that helps them to remain on the top of the game. They help clients to single out all stepping-stones to thriving future for their people and business, whether it is a completely new service or product or a company evolution.
  • When it comes to the industry of the agency, these are advertising and marketing. They are privately held and they have 11 up to 50 employees. Their team helps hand in hand to give the best project to their customers.

Some of the awards of the agency include:

  • Cristal Festival 2015
  • Sporsora Festival
  • Grand Prix Strategies DU Sport 2015
  • Grand Prix Strategies DU Brand Content 2015
  • Grand Prix Strategies DU Brand Content
  • Com/ Top Consumer 2015
  • Grand Prix Brand Content Prache Media Event 2015

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Short History

MNSTR was created in the year 2010 by creative strategists that are working hand in hand. They reconcile offline and online. The best thing is that they intertwine storytelling with technology that is heritage with modernity as well as creativity with business. It is what they do to seek brands through marketing strategies and communication strategies.

About the Team

The team of the agency is by great people, including:

  • Lionel Curt: He is the CEO of MNSTR and he is 43 years old. In the business, he has 15 years of experience.
  • Perrine Lize: Perrine is the managing director and he is 36 years old. He has 9 years of experience in the business.
  • Louis Bonichon: He is the creative director and he is 35 years old. He also has 9 years of experience in the business.
  • Raphael Capodanno: Raphael is the senior artistic director. He is 46 years old and has 20 years of experience.
  • Audrey Mazet: She is the account director. She is 33 years old and has 9 years of experience.
  • Michael Borges: He is the head of the social media and he is 32 years old. When it comes to experience, he has 9 years of experience.
  • Jean Louis Rose: She is the production director. She is 46 years old and has 16 years of experience in the business.


MNSTR turn brand and business objectives into creative activations. The creative web agency, as well as its founders, witnessed the evolution of advertising recently and they integrated the three driving forces of business, technology, and consumers. Their ultimate goal is to activate and design platforms that strike the best balance between creative technology, business objectives, and user engagement. Their business is about storytelling that uses the creation of network engagement, brand content and others. The storytelling is centered on digital sprawls towards event, PR or advertisement.

  • Specialties: Advertising, Digital, RP, Event, Brand content, Social media
  • Competencies: Communication, Advertising, Digital agency, Integrated, Event planning, Corporate communication, Promotion, Operational marketing, Sponsorship, Events, Social media marketing, Activation point of sale, Partnership, Strategy and planning, Brand content, Mobile marketing, Fashion, Beauty, Luxury products

Some Examples of Their Work

mnstr microsoft

The creative company MNSTR is one of the best agencies in the nation and you can contact them about your project. They are offering many services and specialties that can be perfect for your business.

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