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Creative Agency Lunaweb

Company Name: Lunaweb

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Web design, User eXperience (UX) User Interaction (UI), usability, mobile, consulting, web development, information architecture

Full Address: Lunaweb Tour CIT - 3 rue de l’Arrivée 75749 Paris Cedex 15 France

About the Agency

Lunaweb is a creative design company that focuses in the production of high performance web interfaces. With these high performance web interfaces, brands will be able to survive any changes in the digital world. Brands become more competent and independent. They become known worldwide. It gives pieces of advice and support for brands, whether established, growing, or starting. Whatever you are, you are welcome in Lunaweb instantly. Lunaweb has the vision of merging the browser and the user as one identity. It further visualizes giving privileges for user experiences and access of the web for everyone. With this approach, the advantages of technology are optimally used.

The agency is an expert when it comes to technical development and strategic analysis, which are end-user approach. It observes brands’ behaviors. In that way, Lunaweb will able to optimize its potentials to be able to make designs and to create web solutions for maximum user experiences and brand exposure.

Short History

Lunaweb was founded by Nicolas. He has been advising the clients and has been guiding them to make right actions for their decisions. Today, Lunaweb has already three offices: Paris, Nantes, and Rennes. There is not much revealed about its history, but people can rest assured that they would be dealing with a good one for the portfolio that this team has built through the years.

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About the Team

The team is led by the founder. Nicolas is the director of Lunaweb. Being the leader, he coordinates with the rest of the team to make solutions how the agency will provide strategic support. The employees of Lunaweb are creative and have their own expertise that contributes to the agency’s success. You will also get to know Audrey who is the Communication and marketing manager. Another Audrey is in the company and she is the customer manager. Other members of the team you will meet are Guillaume and Pauline who are both project managers, Luna, Youen, Sandrine, Mathilde, Jessy, and Arthur. If you want to know more of the people behind Lunaweb, you can check them out in its website.


  • Identification: The Company first identifies what you really need before it acts to your designs. By identifying your needs, Lunaweb will be able to know what your users expect from you. And with your needs and your customers’ expectations, it now creates strategies and techniques that are appropriate to connect them. Subservices are strategic support, innovation and trends, Competitive study, and Technical and functional analysis.
  • Guide: Lunaweb is an agency creative that creates simple but effective solutions. It analyses thoroughly the needs of its customers. But it does not only go on its own decisions. It keeps in mind its clients ideas, and from those, it will improve it or supplement it. Lunaweb guides the brands from the beginning until they can stand on their own. Subservices include the conception of web projects, content strategy and natural referencing, formation of user path definition, and creation of campaigns.
  • Design: These designs are made based on the brand’s stories. They should be relatable for people to know what you really want to express and convey to them. The designs will reflect the analysis that Lunaweb made by matching the needs and your target audience’s expectations. Subservices are Information Architecture, Ergonomic Prototyping, Adaptive or mobile design, and Technical and functional specifications.
  • Produce: Lunaweb makes clear advertising techniques for web developments in connection with media convergence. Subservices are Web Interface Design, Development JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and CMS, Fixed, mobile and responsive HTML integration. It also includes optimization of performance and technical maintenance
  • Others: Some services of Lunaweb that are helpful to brands are successful web experience, permanent operational monitoring, natural SEO Strategy, Optimal ROI e-commerce, effective Security and performance audit, and deep analysis of audience and recommendations.

Some Examples of Their Work

Lunaweb example Payot

Lunaweb example Studio 42These are just some of Lunaweb’s works. If you want to see more of them, you can visit its website. Lunaweb is an online creative agency that builds relationships between brands and its target audiences. And from that, they also develop a firm relationship between itself and its clients. This is just a sneak peak of Lunaweb. If you got interested, you can check its website online. You can also visit its social networking accounts for more updates.

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