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Creative Agency La Netscouade

Company Name: La Netscouade

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Sites and applications, Social media, Content and media brand, Video production, Social CRM, Strategic planning, Instructional design, Training and coaching

Full Address: La Netscouade 8 passage Brûlon 75012 PARIS France

About the Agency

La Netscouade is known as a digital creative agency that improves brand awareness and strength sustainability. The agency lets a brand and target audience engage in new conversations. By these conversations, new relationships will be created. And these relationships are lasting. How does the company achieve it? Simple: It listens to both parties. Then from these stories, it connects the common points, and then figures out how the differences will compensate each other. The agency aims to give each party’s needs and demands so that no one will lose in the process. With this approach, the clients of La Netsouade become the ambassadors and accomplices of the agency for excellence. The relationship of the agency and its own clients is based on trust.

La Netsouade makes strategies that do not take away the identity and reputation of the brand. And if it lacks identity, it helps it to find its niche. The personality of the brand is expressed by La Netsouade’s help. The agency gathers information all around and takes those, which are appropriate for a brand. It analyses the brand’s needs and matches with the appropriate solutions. With this, the company assists its clients to create relationships with its own audiences through the web.

Short History

The founders of the agency are Benoît Thieulin and Matthieu Lerondeau in 2007. Both founders are passionate with technology. Since it was founded, it has been offering its services worldwide. The services of the agency are always improved to be able to catch up with the digital world’s changes. It has already catered well-known customers. Some of them are L’oreal, Future Mug, Cnes, and Leem. The agency uses new tools that will adapt with the changes in the digital world. Its expertise is on strategies, design, relations and content for different kinds of brands.

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About the Team

Thieulin and Lerondeaulead lead the team. Thieulin is the director while Lerondeau is the associate director of this creative web agency. La Netsouade is composed of about 50 creative individuals who have different specialties. They are consultants, engineers, community leaders and digital designers. Together, they make designs and create communication strategies for different institutions and brands to be reachable to the public through the social web.

The team craves for digital innovation, so they love challenges and always think how brands will survive the digital world. Ronan Le Goff works as the media director. He is the leader of a team composed of about 20 community managers, editors, consultants and videographers. Other members of the team are Véronique Sarazin, the administrative and financial director, Florian Prenveille, the director of the studio, Fabien Munier, the technical director, and Remi Rousseau, the project manager. If you want to meet the other members of the team, you can check La Netsouade’s website.


  • Brand Experience: This service of La Netsouade aims at brand awareness. The brands are exposed to the eyes of the public; hence, they will be more known to their audiences. The subservices are Influence Communication, Sites and Applications, User Centered Design, UX, Drupal/Symfony 2/JavaScript Development, Editorial Production for Computer Graphics and Data Visualization, Design and editorial engineering, and Brand Media.
  • Customer Intelligence: The agency puts itself to its customer’s position. In that way, it will get to know the needs and wants of its clients for the effective execution of the strategies that it makes for each customer. It monitors its customers’ campaigns every now and then and conducts studies for further techniques to offer improve them. Subservices are Social Media Analysis, Community Mapping and Sourcing, Data Mining, Campaigns, Events, and Digital Public Relations.
  • Digital Culture: With the changes in the digital world, La Netsouade keeps on improving itself for the effective use of technology. This includes web series, and web documentaries.
  • Innovation: La Netsouade makes animations for effective way of marketing and advertising and offers design digital, recruitment, and optimization of the social media.

Some Examples of Their Work

La Netscouade sample Goodbye Britain La Netscouade sample L’oreal La Netscouade sample Future Mug

La Netsouade is a company creative you can contact if you are in need of brand advertising and marketing. You can check more about its services and sample works by heading over its site. You can also get instant updates by following its site on social media.

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