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Creative Agency JUNGMUT

Company Name: JUNGMUT

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Köln

Services Provided: Web, Mobile, SMM, Strategy & Concept, Development, Web Design, User Experience

Full Address: Mohrenstraße 7-9 D-50670 Köln Germany

About the Agency

Jungmut is a creative marketing company that has an expertise in user experience design and digital brand building. This agency is appropriate at present because it recognizes and defines digital experiences in its unique ways. This is a creative company that uses the fresh and new digital ideas and it is supplemented by the experiences of experts over the years. The creative content agency explains why they use the web, mobile and the combination of traditional communication patterns and digital networking. With these in mind, they will result in overall optimization of brands to survive in this digital society.

Jungmut puts the feet of the clients in their shoes, so they will know what they really want and how they think and even feel. And most importantly, Jungmut will know how their clients live in the digital world. To this end, Jungmut keeps in mind its goal, to provide the best user experience and brand communication by the blend of design and technology.

Short History

Jungmut was established in January 2007 from the great minds of two individuals, Tim Hufermann and Stephan Schoenen. With them, Jungmut became the pioneer of the digital age in brands for its strength and sustainability. From the said founders, they were able to find for people who have similar vision like them. In 2011, Jungmut Social is established. Jungmut Social is used to promote the development of social communication.

At present, Jungmut is a member Network One that is one of the globe’s leading networks of owner-managed companies with the existence in over 100 countries. It has locations in Europe and of course, in Germany.

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About the Team

Aside from the founders, Hufermann and Schoenen, one of the names that also helps in the development of Jungmut is its Managing Director, Daniel Goihl. With Goihl, social media has been proven to open the realm of new communication.

Jungmut’s team is composed of individuals who have vast knowledge on design and technology. With this knowledge, they will come up with unique ideas to provide services with high-standards. Employees in an agency creative, like Jungmut, think like entrepreneurs. They also have high social intelligence and passion to their profession.

The team is made of both generalists and specialists to make efficient solutions for the challenges they meet. Generalists are needed because of the comprehensive challenges that brands encounter. Society has become complicated; hence, it needs high flexibility. Specialists on the other hands are also necessary because Jungmut is not just a generic design studio or provider of IT service. That is why specific expertise should be utilized for efficient communication in an efficient communication for a particular field of area.


  • Management consulting: In every company, the management should be internally working together to be externally effective. Management consulting includes Coaching, Innovation development, lectures, transformation projects, and seminars.
  • Strategy & Concept: Techniques and ideas should be well-thought. They should be unique and effective. In this service by Jungmut, it will deal with transmedia storytelling, digital strategies, social media strategy, brand strategy, creative concept, digital brand management, corporate identity, and digital strategies.
  • Visual Design: A good image online is necessary because it gives a good impression to the clients. It will attract or encourage them to avail of your services. Jungmut offers corporate design, mobile design, responsive web design, user interface design, user experience design, motion design, and prototyping.
  • Development: Development services by Jungmut are about the applications and other systems that may be used and exhausted. This includes PHP / MySQL, Mobile Apps, ThHTML5 / CSS3, Facebook Apps, Web Apps, Webshop / eCommerce, Content Management Systems and Search engine optimization.

Some Examples of Their Work

jungmut taylor swift wonderstruck

jungmut german doctors

jungmut convotis

Jungmut is a one of a kind digital agency because its ideas to come up with solutions are combinations of the past and the present experiences. With Jungmut, you are assured that your brand is in good hands because they have experts who are ready to serve you. If you want to get to know about Jungmut, do not be satisfied with this article. This is just an overview. Go and visit their page to know Jungmut as your partner for your brand strength and sustainability in the digital world.

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