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Company Name: INTO Branding

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Country: Germany

City: Munich, Sofia, Moscow, Dubai

Services Provided: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Branding, Strategy, Development

Full Address: Pelkovenstr. 147 80992 Munich Germany

About the Agency

INTO Branding is a creative company for corporate design, brand management and brand strategy. They believe that the brand is the sum of emotion, experience and impression. They explore the brand essence, ensure to make a unique story and are helping their clients differentiate themselves from others, both visually and strategically.  In addition to their magnificent design applications, they analyse important markets, develop great brand concepts, show ways on how to make your brand better and conduct workshops.

When it comes to their strategic approach, the independent creative agency combines it with extreme design as well as the passion that create strong, sustainable and innovative brands.  This online creative agency believes that the brand core is having a brand story that makes identity and distinctiveness. Their aim is to make exciting design solutions and sustainable strategies.

Innovative strategies and ideas convey thoughts that will bring brands into life. They believe that the success of the brands is based on three main factors: 

  • Brand focus: The consumers want the combination of a strong message to the brand. Having a clear focus is the base to have an effective market positioning.
  • Brand consistency: It should be focused on target audience as well as reflected in the corporate design. If the two go hand in hand, the brand story can be communicated effectively. 
  • Brand recognition: A brand’s promise should be kept all the times. This is loyalty and long-term relationships that are being created. 

Short History 

What do they want to understand? First, they examine the market and brand environment. After that, they will analyse the existing points and designs between target group and product.  And what they want to tell? Only long-term maintenance and professional implementation of the brand make sure of an effective and consistent brand image. Aside from this matter, they want to become familiar with brands and they want to develop messages, concepts and great corporate design. 

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About the Team 

Everyone in the company creative has their own history. They are colleagues; they love and know what they are doing. They have Florian who is working with the team and his experience ranges from branding projects up to brand identities of multinational corporations. His focus is mainly on financial services, healthcare, transportation and telecommunication.

Before he joined the agency, he worked before at Landor Associates situated in Dubai. They also have Philipp who worked as a management consultant in different industries in Europe. In the agency, he is responsible for the brand specific analysis, corporate analysis, marketing and brand development.

They also have Dimitar who created branding programs for consumer brands, corporate, real estate, development, education institutions, financial services and non-profit organizations. They also have Elena who specializes in business process and strategic marketing analysis. She has magnificent experience in making strategic business plans and marketing researchers. 


  • Corporate design and brand strategy: Their Prism process describes the project from analysis, design and positioning to monitoring and implementation. Their goal is to communicate and find the brand essence.
  • Positioning: Their focus is to create client’s brand distinctive and unique. With their strategic modules, client’s brand will be given a unique character. 
  • Brand promise: Together with their customers, they define measures that do not only meet the expectations of customers but also exceed these as much as possible. 
  • Brand story and idea: They believe that strong ideas make the brand unique and the core of it is to have an emotional story. They make sure that customers brand stands out among the crowd. 
  • Brand differentiation: Based on brand positioning, they communicate and develop the best features for your project. 
  • Strategic brand prism: It is their platform to summarize the brand character of customers. It will be the starting point of the whole brand behaviour and communication, both externally and internally. 
  • Visual brand prism: Through analysis and discussion, symbols and objects are found that will match the brand character and visualize strategic direction. Since the brand name is the first signal that consumers perceive, they develop naming systems and names evoking right associations. 

Some Examples of Their Work 

INTO Branding leopolis boutique hotel

INTO branding Carl SchaeferINTO Branding inkutecWhenever you need a help, you can always communicate with the agency. It is your one-stop solution to get the best project for your business, and it has already proven their team’s skills and expertise that can translate that you will be getting the service you deserve.

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