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Creative Agency Hello Hikimori

Company Name: Hello Hikimori

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Interactive, App, HTML5, WebGL, Fash, Motion, Direction, 3D, Graphic design, Creative direction, Art direction, Development

Full Address: Hello Hikimori 53 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris France

About the Agency

Hellohikimori™, also recognized as HKI for short is a creative design company based in Paris. Since the day of its establishment, HKI has been engaged in many aspects of creation – from graphic designs to advertising materials, prints, online campaigns, social media involvement, and much more. The creative design company is proud to collaborate with companies that provide services in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, and luxury. Aside from these industries, they also collaborate with other agencies focused on advertising and online product management.

Hellohikimori takes its work as a pleasure – a pleasure to work with clients and provide them the services they need. The company feels honored with what they do – to create valuable materials that can make a brand known from across platforms. For more than a decade, numerous award-giving bodies have recognized HKI. Among the awards that the team has received are Promaxbda, FWA, Adobe, The Webby Awards, Awwwards, Lions Bronze, and Lovie Awards Gold-Silver.

Short History

Hello Hikimori™ was founded in 2004. It is a product of creative minds of Nathalie Melato and her friend and business partner David Ronhel. They rooted in the concept of putting imagination into concepts, then concepts to ideas, and ideas to stories. They have helped numerous companies established their brand identity and put their products on the right venue.

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About the Team

The big brains behind Hellohikimori™ success are its founders and creative directors Nathalie and David. It has also its talented Motion Designer Antoine and Guillaume as its Lead Interactive Developer. This team of highly skilled individuals brings brand names into the best shape they could get. They design websites and visual materials (from motion to 3D concepts). They are also known for their innovative illustrations and beautiful films and typography.


Hello Hikimori is a creative marketing company that offers numerous brand management services – from application to website development, advertising materials, films, and social media campaigns – the company sees to it that your brand tells the story you want your brand to embody.

  • Brand consultation and planning. HKI has the technical knowledge on how to make a brand name known. You can consult with the company’s technical team on how to position your brand in the market. The team will take care of planning online campaigns, stories, and social media interventions so that your brand will reach the widest market possible.
  • Website design: HKI designs websites for clients who want to position their brands online. The company is known for creating interactive and user-friendly websites. The company ensures that the website contains the information that users need. It is also important to note that these websites are easy to use.

The team uses the most innovative and advanced technologies for website design such as the latest versions of Canvas, Flash, WebGL and HTML. The company also makes sure that websites are compatible with all platforms – from mobile devices to desktops.

  • Content marketing management: You can collaborate with HKI to manage your company’s multimedia content. It has pool of well-versed writers that take care of the content of client websites. The team confirms that all content articles, public releases, campaigns, stories, and multimedia write-ups are original in content.
  • Social media intervention: The team members of HKI are also known for their effective social media intervention. They position your brand to the platform where most of your target consumers are present. In this sense, you can be assured that your product and your target market have common ground where they could interact.
  • Application development: This digital creative agency also ventures in application development to help clients boost their brands online. These apps are easy to use and widely available for consumers to download. Through these applications, clients will be able to provide information and services they need.

HKI has over a decade of experience in the online creative business. Through these years of experience, the company has collaborated with numerous brand names in various industries. Among their clients are in the following section.

Some Examples of Their Work

offf 2016 Hellohikimori HKI 3 words for paris 212 supercars Hello Hikimori

Your brand is one-step away from its potential. Achieving success in online marketing can be challenging. Good thing there are is a creative company like HKI to help you along the way.

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