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Company Name: FRED & FARID

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Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Development, Branding & strategy, Art & craft, Digital activation, Branded content, Web & apps, Social media & E-PR, Event

Full Address: FRED & FARID 48 RUE DE PROVENCE 75009 PARIS France

About the Agency

Fred and Farid is an independent agency creative network social content technology having offices in Paris, Shanghai and New York. For the agency, they want to be the best in the world. They aim to win the US based accounts at the same time continue to operate as a global agency. They want to be the best in the local market and to grow internationally.

Fred & Farid describes themselves as content, tech and social solutions for brand companies. Their larger business includes aforementioned creative shops and they produce a company as a digital influence agency. This creative content agency is a good choice because they demonstrate creativity in global view and multiple mediums. They also have their own independence.

  • 1999: Frederic and Farid were raised in Paris. Fred was being raised in Chaville, while Farid was being raised in Athis-Monis. The two person started as being the strategic planner as well as the account manager. They have decided to make a team and begin a career in creative. Sooner, they became the 2 youngest directors of creative in France that manage international accounts.
  • 2000: The youngest director of creative produced their 1st digital hit with
  • 2001: John Hearty, who is an legend in advertising hired Fred and Farid at BBH London in leading the biggest launch, which is Microsoft Xbox. This is the time when Fred and Faird started their international career, wherein Fred & Farid were the 1st creative team to work successfully and move abroad outside France.
  • 2002: Fred and Fared have an excellent talent and the best thing is that they have knowledge in developing narrative structure from audacious idea. According to Jeff Goodby, he said that the two persons have boundless openness that is infectious.
  • 2003: In 2003, they introduced the storytelling concept in advertising and the essay for Gun report 2003.
  • 2005: When the two of them came back, they generated a press book that is reserved only for the living legends. Financial Times, Le Figaro, New York Times and Wall Street Journal has announced Fred & Farid new agency as worldwide event
  • 2006: Fred and Frederic, which is the co-presidents of Publicis agency have a plan in relaunching their own company in Paris.
  • 2007: In the year 2007, it is the official launch of their new shop, where Fred and Farid with Publicis Christophe Lambert as the CEO as well as FFL collaborated.
  • 2008: Directors of executive creative and CEO is Farid Mokart and Fred Raillard owns 70% of the agency after Christophe Lambert departure. The two persons renamed the agency “FRED & FARID” that states their ambition in shaking up the conventional market as well as fight against Havas and Publicis.
  • 2010: Fred and Farid produced and won international campaigns for dozen of brands, which include prestigious such as Tves Saint Laurent, Cleef and Arpels, Mont Blanc and Giorgio Armani.

Fred and Farid are globe stars when it comes to advertising. However, they left Publicis and plan to launch their own new shop. In 2007 of July, they have won the Orangina, which is a French brand.Over the years, they still continue to create the best advertising campaigns and projects.

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Short History

Since 2011, they have created many projects. The agency was founded by Farid Mokart and Fred Raillard. Since 2011, the agency won over 700 effectiveness and international creative awards as well as 30 agency honors.

About the Team

The co-founder who is Farid Mokart hired a team of 25 up to 30 staffs in Manhattan that can also work in their HP account. They are building their creative design agency in real time. They make sure that the way they will distribute and broadcast content is essential as the idea itself. The idea is to start with a point and not to a destination. Their team makes sure to take their creativity to next level by helping their clients find new intersections between context, commerce, conversation, and content.


  • Branding and strategy
  • Development
  • Art and draft
  • Branded content
  • Digital activation
  • Web and apps
  • E-PR
  • Event
  • Social media

Some Examples of Their Work

club med playground zen zone

carambar the fashion joker Fred and Farid are two persons with magnificent achievements over the years. They have proven their expertise and things that they can do. Today, they are one of the best agencies around the world. You can visit their creative web agency site for more information.

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