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Creative Agency DigitasLBi

Company Name: DigitasLBi

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Country: Germany

City: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich,

Services Provided: Branding, Design, Development, User Experience, Content, Film/Video, Mobile, Integrated Marketing, Technology

Full Address: Stralauer Allee 2b 10245 Berlin Germany

About the Agency

DigitalLBi is a technology and marketing company that helps many companies in setting themselves up for the digital age. They are helping customers in taking advantage of technological and creative change, which changes all the aspects of client’s company. Their comprehensive expertise in brand building, insights, real-time distribution and creative storytelling allows them to make brands that fit for a digital future, whatever stage of a digital journey that their clients take; the online creative agency will accompany them.

The creative media agency believes that success requires a culture that completely combines as well as promotes varied abilities and talents. They have an interdisciplinary collaboration that allows them to implement ideas as effectively and quickly as possible, from concept up to strategy to evaluation and launch.

Whether in different locations or in a room, their approach allows them to put together the perfect team for each task. The perfect mix brings their customers further and faster on a digital journey in delighting their customers. In addition, their approach is using the creative tension between the right and left hemisphere. They believe that storytelling and connecting data-from poets to mathematics deliver magnificent results. Another thing is that this company creative plays an essential role in platform Publicis.Sapient. The platform was designed in order to help customers in addressing digital transformation that is needed by a rapid development of technologies, increased consumer awareness and changes in the competitive environment.

Short History

With the help of different people in their team, the agency had been able to help many clients in getting the project they need to be done. Be it strategy, design, mobile and others, the agency together with their team ensure to complete each task by using the right and left hemisphere.

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About the Team

They have Laurent Ezekiel as the managing director and global client services director. They also have Jill Kelly as the global chief communication officer, Jason Kodish as the global chief data scientist, Kenneth Parks as the chief marketing officer, Ronald Ng as the chief creative officer and much more. These people are helping each other in order to deliver the best project that their clients are looking for. They make sure that what they deliver comes out excellent and effective.


  • Insight: This creative design agency does not rely on generalizations or guesswork. They are focused on how individuals in a mix of earned, paid and owned interact with content. They are using insights in developing ideas, reaching people and personalizing messages. They make use of a perfect blend of data, storytelling, and science.
  • Creation: Their innovative mix of creativity, strategy, technology, and media allows them to bring compelling and fascinating stories about brands. They develop small and big creative ideas. They also create applications and tools in any forms that range from advertisements, infographics, and films to new services and products.
  • Spread: They create and plan digital platforms for their clients from interactive and large sites to services and applications for mobile devices, which include media buying and planning. They promote exchanges across social channels.
  • Design and build: The creative web agency love creating all kinds of digital platforms from scratch up a top final touch. Whether it is information portal e-commerce and entertainment, they can do it for you.
  • Affiliate marketing: Brands and products through a brand system on a promising site – it is affiliate marketing. They ensure that it is properly done.
  • Creative: Storytelling is one of their passions in all channels and digital forms.
  • Branded content: Branded is more: information, emotion, and lifestyle impressively staged exactly where your audiences are on the road.
  • Content strategy: Current, relevant and individual – these should be your content. With them, they enumerate keywords and relevant content to create the best copies.
  • User experience: Having a great user experience should understand the user as well as give them accurate solutions to their needs.
  • Mobile: If you want to reach your customers, the agency will be the one to give the solution you need with the help of mobile devices.
  • Social media: Twitter and Facebook are powerful channels because they create decisive influence on the image of companies and brands to the minds of the users. Having a convincing presence on social media is important and that’s what the agency can give.
  • CRM: If you want to have a successful business online, you need to have a strong customer relationship management. The agency will make sure that you will pay close attention to your audience needs for the best marketing.

Aside from these services, they offer others such as managed services, analytics, SEO, social business design, user research, technology as well as media planning and buying.

Some Examples of Their Work

digitaslbi MyMicroMacro

digitaslbi telekom

digitaslbi UBS

With DigitalLBi, you can make sure that you’re relaying or conveying the right message suitable for your audience; thus, you will get targeted results. You may want to consider the digital team that has proven themselves in the industry.

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