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Company Name: CB.e Clausecker | Bingel

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Services Provided: Design

Full Address: CB.e Clausecker | Bingel Franklinstraße 27 10587 Berlin Deutschland

About the Agency

CB.e brings complex themes to individuals and brands into life. With their solutions, it is characterized by their 3D’s: digital, design and dialogue. The good thing with this creative web agency is that they love challenges. They love to make thick headlines and make the best for their customers. They create dialogue, think digitally and love design.

The company will be your help in creating brand communication, digital communication, live communication and others. They create emotional messages as well as great branding experiences. There are many things that you will learn with the company, such as creative conceptions, putting messages and brands live, developing strong ideas.

CB.e is not just a communication company. With their four interdisciplinary action field, digital, brand momentum, corporate and live, they are offering extensive range of communication from consulting, conception, implementation, supervision and planning. They believe that sustainable communication only takes place through excellent design, individuality, brand aesthetics and creating balance.

Short History

They are a communications agency and they came from Berlin. The company was invented in the year 1997 by Eberhard Bingel and Sabine Clausecker. As of now, they are enjoying their success as well as their turbulent agency history that is written by around 100 employees each day.

Aside from Berlin, they also have offices in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, but no matter what corner of the world their employees come from, they have one connection and that is that they believe that communication needs soul and needs to be genuine.

Since 2008, they are working with leading agencies in Germany in order to create the best creatives in the business industry. In the year 2012, they have new supervisory board, which is Jochen Placking. In 2009, the company founds daughter for the brand management. In 2008, the company found subsidiary for their digital communications.

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About the Team

The agency creative department, there are things you will know. You have the chance to make education as media designer for digital media and print. In their finance department, they are entrepreneurs for the Buromanagement. Their team communicates with their clients to know what they want. They create relationships and send messages.

They can make decision in just a short period of time. Since communication is diverse, complex and a great challenge, their team will give you the best develop solutions that you need. They have 100 specialists who will work with you in areas of corporate, digital, live and brand momentum. With their work, they are moving their client communication and they use their brand design competence, DNA dialog orientation as well as digitization for your messages.

The creative agency implements and develops an event from first idea to after field communication that makes the LIVE fun. For higher number of messages, products and topics, they spend more time in doing it. The good thing with them is that they make dialogue, imagine digital and have passion on design. Their aim is to satisfy their longing for a moment with their design and events.


Their digital quarter nukleo, ioto, opinion and enrio are highly developed tools for project and communication management. They have one goal and that is to pursue effective collaboration. They offer

  • Enrio: The software for dialogue with guests
  • Ioto: Used for intelligent media as well as furniture
  • Nukleo: The co-working tool for work 4.0
  • Opinio: Makes the public participating transparent and uncomplicated

With the help of their interactive staging, design, integration of modern communication channels and architecture, they make the best abstract themes as well as develop dialogue with visitors. With their high design requirements, they create spaces, experiences and tell stories that will move people and will bring brands into lives of their guests.

Some Examples of Their Work

  • Mercedes Benz
  • More in Berlin
  • The Medium is the Message
  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing work CB.e Clausecker Mercedes-Benz CB.e Clausecker

transmission network website CB.e ClauseckerThere you have the information about CB.e that you need to know. The company is one of the best and top-notch creative agencies around the world that you can rely on. They can provide what you need and look for. They have the experience that makes them one of the best companies. You can deal with them anytime you want. With their proven track record, they can be the help you need for your business.

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