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Creative Agency CAMAO

Company Name: CAMAO

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Darmstadt, München, Heilbronn, Berlin

Services Provided: Online Marketing, Design, Branding, 3D Spot, SMM, Print Campaigns

Full Address: Büro Darmstadt Europaplatz 5 64293 Darmstadt

CAMAO is an agency creative that knows how to make compelling stories and messages for your brand. They believe that stories can play a huge role in developing and keeping a brand, which is equally important as relevant data. They passionately discuss suitable headlines and visuals that will help you convey your brand value as well as improve your conversion rate and sales revenue.

They have a roster of talents that have many years of experience in the field. Their people are from inter disciplines in the media and advertising. With them, the company is able to harness proper and strong communication to connect with your desired audience. The creative interactive agency believes that they can take advantage of the digital revolution if they are able to come up with a great communication that will work hand in hand to promote and bring value to your brand.

Short History

The company is established in the year 2000. It is an owner-managed company. Their two websites have been merged, making technology and media merge with marketing communications and brand management. The team is composed of 90 professionals in the creation, marketing, consulting, design, technology, and content, and they have been working together with each of their expertise to make a strong and unbeatable team of digital marketing experts.

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About the Team

They have a strong team that can work for you and your business. They are coming from a wide range of disciplines, but they cooperate and coordinate to work harmoniously as one. As said, there are now 90 professionals working for the agency. They are experts in many fields, including marketing, technology, and content.

The agency is a united one that works globally. Each project manager can be present physically for their customers because they now have offices in key locations, such as Berlin, Munich, Heilbronn, and Darmstadt. Some of the key people of the team include Christian Wiebelsberg, along with managing directors, Tanja Knob and Rainer Schürg.

With an expert team working harmoniously with each other, they make successful projects that make a mark for their clients’ customers. They know how to communicate the proper message for the brand and its audience.


  • Marketing: The digital creative agency understands the importance of marketing and knows how to make use of their expertise and knowledge in the field of digital advertising and promotions to plan for their clients strategically to create the proper marketing approach for it.
  • Corporate design: Their professionals are adept in conceptualizing and designing ideas that will effectively deliver your brand’s message to your market, along with their interest and needs.
  • 3D spot: Their visual experts know how to create creative 3D animation and effects to help create a brand message to a visual audience.
  • Print campaign: The team also understands the importance of traditional marketing, as some of your customers might still be using brochures and other printed materials to know about your products and services.
  • Websites: They have experts in website marketing to expose your business to millions of people around the world.
  • Social media marketing: Social media networks, including Facebook, are one of the latest trends in marketing, and their team is adept in applying the latest trends in effective social media campaign creations.
  • Creation: These creative minds know how to curate tailored content that will deliver your brand’s message to more customers. With their help, you can improve your results and increase conversion for your business.
  • Mobile marketing: Use of mobile devices is on the rise, and the team recognizes it. They make use of the power of mobile marketing in helping businesses succeed.
  • Motion: The team understands visual effects, including motion pictures and short films. See how they can help you create an amazing content using motion effects.

Some Examples of Their Work

There you have what to know about the creative web agency and how they can help your business grow. If you were considering hiring an agency like it for your promotions or campaigns, you may want to learn more about CAMAO and its services.

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