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Creative Agency Audacy

Company Name: Audacy

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Digital strategy, Digital marketing, Disruption, Data, Digital Innovation, Design (UX, UI)

Full Address: Audacy 17, av Victor Hugo 75116 Paris France

About the Agency

Audacy is a creative web agency that specializes in interface design, digital marketing, digital strategy, and user experience design. It is a Parisian digital agency that aims to meet your goals whether it is for the creation of a digital product, development of a digital communication, or referencing, paid or natural

The agency has a methodology that is user-friendly. It produces digital solutions, which are focused on the user through the user experience design. The agency takes pride in their services like the creation of customized sites, the organization of content management, the making of responsive web design websites, and most especially the performance of quality of service it offers to its clients.

Short History

This company creative has been in the industry since 2003 by Jean-Charles and Florent. Audacy has worked with different kinds of companies. It has handled different sectors like in the world of retail, real estate, consulting, automotive, and luxury. There are about 50 active clients of Audacy. Today, it continues to offer its services to different brands whether established, growing or just starting.

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About the Team

Audacy’s team is composed of individuals who always crave for innovation. The team is described as multidisciplinary by the agency itself. These individuals have different expertise to create effective and sustainable solutions. They are creative, talented, driven, and passionate individuals.

The team gives attention to details. They have passion when it comes to disruption, entrepreneurship and digital. Many of the members have been in the company for 14 years. Hence, they have a vast knowledge and improved skills to perform the services that the agency offers. The team is led by the presidents who are the founders, Jean- Charles and Florent. Get to know the members of the team by visiting Audacy’s website.


  • Customized sites: Audacy makes customized WordPress sites, which are focused on user experience. No templates are to be followed. This service includes user experience, content architecture, and customized information.
  • Branding and digital identity: There is a need to establish your identity to be able to be distinguished from others. Your identity will separate you from them. The branding services of Audacy will make your brand more relevant to the public. It will also sustain your brand’s strength as to survive the changes in the digital world. So, Audacy offers to make your logotype, typographies, and artistic direction, copywriting and color schemes.
  • Search engine optimization: SEO aims to create traffic for your brand. Audacy studies the keywords, which will be used by your brand for easy access.
  • Email marketing: Audacy designs newsletters campaigns. It also makes templates for it depending with your identity.
  • Blog archive: The Company establishes a blog for you to enhance your digital communication with news and updates about your brand or business.
  • Ideas: With the multidisciplinary collaborative workshops of ideation together with its customers, ideas are made to solve technical, legal, or design issues. The ideas focus on the objectives, functions, and goals of your brand.
  • Digital experience design: This is where Audacy positions you in a definite place in the digital world. This will allow tour brand to be more known and reachable to its audiences. With this service, your prospective clients become more aware of you. Digital Experience Design’s subservices are User Experience, Information Architecture and Interface Design.
  • Driving growth: This kind of service is achieved by digital marketing with the strong digital dominance. But it also applies to cover the minor ones. Audacy aims to maximize your potentials for your brand’s growth and development. The subservices are Digital Marketing Strategy, Guidelines Marketing, and Accompaniment of the Priming, Management of the Data, Conduct of Acquisition, and Conduct of Loyalty.
  • Other services: There are more services that this agency offers to help you with your marketing and advertising. These other services of Audacy are Product Overview, Product Management and Product Organization.

Some Examples of their Work

audacy societe henri

audacy cyrus conseil

taittingerThese are some of the works of Audacy. You can see more of them in its website or its social media accounts. Audacy is the creative agency which services are personal, unique and effective. But this is just a glimpse of it. So if you are interested with the agency and its services, you can visit its website.

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