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Creative Agency Artificial Rome

Company Name: Artificial Rome

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin, Hamburg

Services Provided: Applications, Web Development, Web Design, Games, Concept, Illustration, Direction

Full Address: Ritterstraße 2 10969 Berlin Germany

About the Agency

Artificial Rome is an online creative agency that focuses on interactive experiences. This agency likes experimenting. This means that it likes to try new and challenging projects. It combines technology and human experiences together to offer their services efficiently and effectively. The creative production agency has a generative design approach that helps it work using digital platforms. Digital platforms range from the web and mobile applications over console games to the large-scale spatial installations.

Artificial Rome works as a creative digital partner to agencies and serving its clients directly and fully. The agency’s approach is characterized by visualization and transparency of both technical and conceptual processes. Projects are created based on the goals of its clients, what they need and want. With these goals, Artificial Rome makes their requests with high standards of innovation and excellence.

Every work by Artificial Rome reflects the hard work and the passion they put in. It has worked with many popular brands like Adidas, Swarovski, KIA, Google, Smart, Audi, Samsung Electronics, Siemens Home, Iris von Arnim, Vai Fashion, Marc Aurel and Sean Kennedy Santos to name a few. You can check out Artificial Rome’s other customers on its website.

Artificial Rome has already been awarded in FWA, ADC*E, NYf, London International Awards, and Eurobest, because of its works. Some of the specialities of Artificial Rome are HTML5 Beauty, Spatial Installations, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Facebook Applications, Web GL, Illustration, Websites, iOS/Android, Mobile Applications, UX Design, Games, Creative Coding and Unity 3D.

Short History

Artificial Rome was made in 2006 by Patrick de Jong and Dirk Hoffmann. It has its office in Berlin, Germany.

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About the Team

This creative design agency is made of about 50 employees. Artificial Rome is composed of specialists. They are expert in digital, as well as conventional marketing and advertising. It has three directors and three managers leading the team. It has also three shareholders. De Jong is not only the founder of Artificial Rome; he is also the creative director.

On the other hand, Hoffmann is a graphic artist. Some of the names you are going to meet in Artificial Rome are Ann-Katrin Frank, the producer; Karsten Goetz, the HTML Developer, Nico Schwenke, the one in charge of Illustration / Motion, Torsten Sperling, the head for Technique, Johannes Muecke, the leader for Concept, Ferdinand Streicher, the expert in Tentable and Jens-Eric Peter, the founder of Electric Umbrella. They also have Wolfgang Mueller, another HTML5 /IOS Developer and Melanie de Jong, the Art Director.

The members of the management and staff are passionate. They are aggregate individuals who from different fields. They are producers, developers, senior designers, art historians, physicists, autodidacts, communications designers and fine art painters. These persons create a highly creative environment. These people have at least 14 years of experience each in their fields. Some are also teaching in different German Universities. This assures you the team of Artificial Rome has talents and vast knowledge on the services they offer.


  • Services: Artificial Rome’s services vary. Each helps in strengthening the sustainability of your brand. With Artificial Rome’s services, your brand will be known globally. The services are Ideation, UX Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration and Creative Coding.
  • Products: The products of Artificial Rome are modernized because of the advance technology. It seeks to know what is trending as to cater many audiences. The products of Artificial Rome are Games, Spatial Installations, Websites, Facebook Applications and Mobile Applications.
  • Technologies: Artificial Rome looks forward to the improvement of the digital world so it uses technologies. The technologies include iOs/Android Programming, HTML5 Beauty, Flash, Unity3D, and Java/Processing.

Some Examples of Their Work

GT Ride 2014 Trailer from Artificial Rome on Vimeo.

Chocolat Frey from Artificial Rome on Vimeo.

Pursuit across europe from Artificial Rome on Vimeo.

These are just some of the agency’s masterpiece. You can check more of Artificial Rome’s work on its website. Artificial Rome is the creative company that listens to what you aim for. It focuses on your goals and makes them the reality. It deals with human experiences and uses technology to show it to the world. If this article got you curious with Artificial Rome, you can still know more about it by visiting its website, or you can visit its offices personally.

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