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Creative Agency Ape Unit

Company Name: Ape Unit

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Services Provided: Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Branding

Full Address: Waldemarstraße 38 10999 Berlin Germany

About the Agency

Ape Unit is an online creative agency that creates digital innovation with its own instincts. This agency is a digital generalist that operates on all online platforms. It is a digital design company and a development bureau that makes virtual brand experiences. Ape Unit is a creative company that makes digital reality from concepts by great technological insights. It is passionate with innovative, fresh and creative ideas to impart with their customers. Creative development company has already been serving popular companies. Some of these are Red Bull Montblanc.

Short History

This creative design agency was created in 2010 in Berlin, Germany. Since then, it has already started working with other agencies for excellent design and development.

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About the Team

The team of Ape Unit is made of passionate people. They are excited about challenges. They love being curious to everything that is happening to them because, in that way, they will be able to come up with creative and fresh ideas to make strategies and techniques for the company’s respective clients.

Ape Unit’s team is led by Alexandre Peschel, Tim Herzogand and Emil Wagner as the partners of Ape Unit. Both Peschel and Wagner are the present Managing Directo, while Herzog is Ape Unit’s Art Director. Other persons forming the management are Anna Przygodda as the Business Administration, Brad Grimshaw as the Account Director, Martin Heßmann and Ray Jacobs as the Designers, Max Dörfler as the Back-End & Android Developer, Michael Vonderlind as the Front-End & iOS Developer, Philipp Klein as another Front-End Developer, and Tsvetelina Yonova as a Project Manager.


  • Digital liaison: Digital Liaison services include the creation of a corporate identity of the brands. When a brand has an established corporate identity, its value will be strengthened for a long period time. In this service also, new concepts are needs, as well as consultation. There will be the creation of a brand logo, the improvement of the website design, the editing of the web content, and the creation of blogs.
  • Marketing: A creative marketing is needed for more identity of your brand. If your brand is identified, you will be able to catch the attention of your target audience. For this to be possible, Ape Unit has to know your story and other background information. This may mean the creation of applications for mobiles, web or social media accounts.
  • Digital services: These services are the creation of an online magazine, a digital annual report, and a custom media player for displaying multimedia content. With Ape Unit’s digital services, it is already shaping the future, which means your brand will endure the test of time because it adapts to the digital world. Digital Services will make your customers reach you in the simplest way, by just using technology.
  • Global press room: A global press room provides for delivery of important content to the editors. This means, your brand will be more known to the people because of the media’s power to influence them. The press will be able to know your product in the global press room, and it might write or cover your story. This service aims to catch the attention of your target audience and establish a good impression.
  • Events: With this kind of service, your events will be covered. Hence, you will be known and viewed by the public. Ape Unit does not use the conventional live streaming, but it makes the coverage more fun than the usual. It uses multiple angles for a holistic approach.

Some Examples of Their Work

ape unit mont blanc

ape unit Finsbury and Hering Schuppener Consulting

ape unit Telefónica Germany

Ape Unit loves challenges. With these challenges, they create digital innovation for the sustainability of your brand’s strength and value. Ape Unit aims to help many industries of whatever areas they focus on using digital innovation. Sinc modern approach is used in advertising and marketing for brands, Ape Unit is an appropriate agency to call. But Ape Unit is different from other agencies because, with them, there is a newer approach with the strategies and techniques that no other companies offer.

If you are curious to what else it has to offer then do not make your agony become longer. Ape Unit has a website to visit. Feel free to open it and also browse what is inside it. There are more details about the company itself, its services and more examples of its works. So, the website is like a gallery to see.

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