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Creative Agency 50A

Company Name: 50A

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: E-reputation, SEO, Digital, SEO, Community Management, Monitoring, E-influence, Dashboard, Barcamp

Full Address: 50A 31 rue blanche 75009 Paris France

About the Agency

When it comes to getting digital, no other agency creative can top 50A. It is one of the recognized companies in the country that provides consultancy for businesses that want to venture online. 50A accompanies product brands into a digital transformation by creating economic models based on the current digital demand. It helps companies that undergo digital and societal evolution. It brings brands closer to the market through digital platforms such as websites, social media, prints, and online advertisements.

50A recognizes that advertising is undergoing a significant change as the internet continues to dominate the almost every industry. Today, it is more than just TV, radio and print commercials. The success of your product depends on how it moves through digital platforms. If you want to adapt to this changing environment, then you are safe with 50A.

Short History

50A is a creative web company established in 2006, the early year of internet-based advertising and freelancing services. From that year, the company began to grow and managed to influence major industries in the country through its innovative website designs. The company is one of the first creative groups that recognized the digital change in the past ten years. These changes prompted the company to reshape advertising, brand management, and consumer relation. It has worked with famous brands and personalities in managing their products online.

About the Team

The 50A team is composed of multidisciplinary and diverse artists who dedicated their passion in creating innovative solutions and customer-oriented designs. The team is led by 50A’s big boss Nicolas, together with Thibaut as Project manager and Partner, Christophe as Creative Director and Partner.

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The team has its Community Strategists in the person of Christophe and Mathieu. There is also Fabriceas one of its Partners and Noemie as Project Manager. The team is also gifted with talented Art Director Gautier, the social media manager Clement, Angelic as Project manager, Sebastian as Developer and his senior Jerome. Another Jerome serves as Project manager and the design-thinking strategist. Xuan serves as R & D Engineer together with Teacher, Entrepreneur and R & D Consultant Vincent and last but not the least is Benjamin who serves as Facebook Developer.


50A is a creative design company expert in positioning brand names and products in the strategic place online. It provides product development consultation, apps and website development, social media intervention, data analysis and interpretation. While providing these services, 50A makes sure that you have your focus on your ultimate goal – which is to develop your brand stronger.

You are the one who set your business objectives while 50A is the one who help you achieve those objectives through the following services:

  • Product development consultation: Amidst this fast changing development in advertising industry and ways that products are introduced in the market, you need a team who can help your brand gain recognition. 50A’s goal is to assist productbrands gain a strategic place on the internet while promoting ideas. As an expert in online advertisement and digital promotion, 50A provides product consultation for clients like you who want to introduce their products online. Through series of consultations, you will be able to grasp the potential of your product and the appropriate device to make it work.
  • Apps and website development: 50A understands how advertisement platforms have changed over the years. In this regard, the company’s team of expert provides clients the most interactive websites for their customers. The company also delivers applications, which can be used across platforms – from mobile devices to desktops.
  • Social media intervention: 50A also brings products to the most widely used social media platforms – whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The company helps you develop effective content to reach to your target customers. 50A creates relatable content and ensures that your customers feel familiar to your product’s advocacy.
  • SEO referencing (SEM): 50A uses the appropriate keywords and content, positioning your product on the number 1 spot in every search engine. The company knows the most effective techniques on how to increase the traffic directly to your website.

Some Examples of Their Work

arte 50a 50a bbgr

50a portfolio adidasThe challenge of digital age should not interfere with your success. But with the help of creative marketing company like 50A, you will be able to cope up with these changes and use them on your advantage.

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