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 About the Agency

MOBGEN is offering digital marketing services and they deliver mobile platforms strengthening relationship between brands and customers or employees and companies. They aim to create mobile interaction engaging, rewarding and easy for users to become life-long and loyal brand ambassadors. They do it by striking balance between creativity, technology and strategy. They have over 150 mobile specialists that work from four locations, London, Malaga, Coruna and Amsterdam. The agency helps companies to become more customer-oriented, competitive and efficient by creating great use of mobile channel in B2E, B2B and B2C area.

Short History

For many years, this creative digital agency work for global client such as Inditex, Shell International, Van Lanschot, AutoTrack, ABN AMRO, NCOI, Stage Entertainment, VVV, PON, Vimpelcom, Boskalis, TOTO, SVV, Aegon and others.

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About the Team

The company team do their best to ensure that they provide the best services to their clients. They maintain a good relationship with them and give the best mobile solutions they need.


  • Strategy: They help clients to prioritize and define their objectives at the same time utilizing mobile channel and create business case with the use of mobile platforms. They know what successful digital marketing campaign includes.
  • Concept design: They are also known as digital design agencies that develop service and product ideas. They aim to give the best killer concepts that solve their design problem.
  • User-centered design: Their design process gives harmonious balance between spontaneity and order, intuition and reason, function and form. They also offer numerous methods and tools.
  • Development: They are developing the best product for their clients and they are working on top quality software with the use of advanced techniques that market can offer.
  • Quality assurance: It is essential to be sure that the mobile platform is in top condition. They are using numerous tools in automating QA testing.

Examples of Their Works




Having the best products and services for your business is important and you are lucky because the company can help you to get what you need.

They are delivering a high quality project for their clients, so get in touch with them now!

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