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Top 5 Biggest Marketing Agencies

The Biggest Marketing Agencies World Wide

Just how big are the largest of the worlds marketing agencies? This is crazy; In 2015 the largest agency spent $4 billion on its clients behalf with Google and an additional $1 billion on Facebook. That’s big by anybodies standards. In 2011 the revenue of the four largest agencies (which are still the four largest) was almost twice as much as the next top 50 agencies combined. Tracking the best online advertising companies can be both difficult and confusing. Once an agency reaches a certain size then there is a very good chance it will be acquired by one of the big five. The only area that the largest agencies don’t completely dominate is when discussion turns to the largest digital marketing agencies. The following is a list to the largest marketing agencies in the world:

  1. WPP Group, London: Revenues for 2014 $19.0 billion.
  2. Omnicom Group, New York City: Revenues for 2014 $15.3 billion.
  3. Publicis Groupe, Paris: Revenues for 2014 $9.6 billion.
  4. Interpublic Group, New York City: Revenues for 2014 $7.5 billion.
  5. Dentsu, Tokyo: Revenues for 2014 $6.0 billion

The Biggest Digital Marketing Agencies in the World

Digital marketing has been changing the advertising world. The nature of digital marketing and the speed with which it changes mean that the big 5 don’t automatically dominate due to their size. Here is a list of the world’s five largest digital networks:

  1. IBM Interactive Experience
  2. Deloitte Digital
  3. Accenture Interactive
  4. Epsilon
  5. Wunderman

Wunderman, owned by WPP, is the only one of the biggest digital marketing companies to be owned by an old-line agency company. That being said WPP and the other four biggest agencies got where they through acquiring existing agencies and will be adding digital agencies as well. Digital marketing revenue is poised to overtake television in 2017 in many people’s estimate and to remain relevant in the future digital capabilities are a must.

Tips for Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Before you can start searching for a digital marketing agency you must take an assessment of your business to determine exactly what you want to accomplish. Once you establish your objectives you will know what digital services are required to achieve your goals, making interactive digital agency selection a little easier. Digital marketing agencies can range from big full service companies that do everything to small firms that specialize in only one area. Here are some tips for selecting a digital marketing agency:

  • Look at the website for agencies you are considering: If an agency is going to handle your digital marketing they should also do a good job in representing themselves. A poorly designed website that doesn’t appear professional is a definite strike
  • Review case studies: An agency should be able to provide a number of case studies for you to examine that are examples of actual work they have done for other clients. They give you the chance to see the quality of an agencies work and the type of solutions they have developed for real life marketing problems
  • Check reviews and references: Ask the agency for a client list so that you can speak with previous customers and see what type of experiences they had. Also look online for customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google+ and others. Social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook are also good places to see what people think about the work an agency has done for them
  • Take a look at the additional services: In some cases, companies may provide services for marketing automation and integration with different tools. It can be a Dynamics 365 marketing integration or other solution. Such companies may enhance the capabilities of your marketing strategy.

Whether you go with the biggest marketing agencies or something smaller, proper research is essential to find the best firm for promoting your business online.

Learn what the biggest marketing agencies in the world are and some tips for choosing the best firm to help promote your business online!

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