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Havas Media

About the Agency

This creative digital agency believes that brands need to reconnect with consumers as well as approach marketing differently. They are strategic marketing and media Solutions Company that executes and considers clients touch points and solve business problems of their customers. Their brand proposition make sure that they are focus on consumer first approach in connecting brands with clients at the same time checking for most efficient and optimal solution, building and evaluating existing assets. Aside from this, they believe in sustainable and long term relationships that dedicated to transform their client’s business.

Today, Havas Media is data driven in all things they do and they are obsessive to prove the effectiveness of media

Short History

They are the only UK media company group having data consultancy and chief data officer sitting at the heart of the company. They are preparing their clients to have more data, customer data, and in-store data and to connect together their client’s digital data.

About the Team

The team of this DM agency is tremendous because they have all what it takes to become professional. They make sure that the company and their clients will have good relationships with each other.

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Connected Services: The Company delivers full range of buying capabilities and connected planning across all media forms communications. They provide their clients with joined up, strategic and senior leadership that ensure brilliant execution and delivery in each channel, both emerging and traditional. Their investment and structure specialist reflect changing needs of their clients that covers not only paid media, but also earned and owned channels.

Aside from this, the agency also offers social, data and analytics, innovation, luxury marketing, performance marketing, brand partnerships and international coordination. But of course you can also see digital marketing agencies UK list to find more information.

Examples of Their Works

There you have an overview of the company that you may need in conducting a research about their types of services for your business.

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