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 About the Agency

The Floorproof company is the nicest zealots that you can found online. They are big-hearted individuals and friendly. They have the commitment in each work they do and ensure it will be completed in the right way.

The company wants their business to give positive impact to the life of many people. The agency works with world’s influential and biggest brands. They believe that if they can make better services and products, they everyone will benefit. The company make time and space to think. They plan each project carefully and they have designed their officers with spaces in order to have collaborative creativity. This will allow them and their clients to contribute their ideas and experience. Additionally, they have offices in Singapore and United Kingdom offering international services supporting major brands in emerging and developing economies.

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Short History

In the year 2002, this creative digital agency started and they offer better way when it comes to design digital services and products. Slowly but surely, their point of view prevailed. Customers and clients are represented in design.

About the Team

Their team works together to give the best service to their clients and the good thing about them is that they love to make better service and product experiences. They are talented people that looking for new ways in solving problems. Each one of the team has their own profile page.


The company is the biggest independent design specialist company in Europe. They are famous in offering many capabilities and tips marketing digital allowing their clients to make competitive advantage through having good user experience. Some of their digital marketing services include user research, service and product design, front end development, user experience design, creative technology and IoT and app design and responsive. To know their full range of skills being offered, you can check their site.

Examples of Their Works




There you have the best things about the company. If you want to know more about them, do not hesitate or have doubts to contact them.

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