7 Killer Digital Marketing Tips: Why, When and How to Use Them

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7 Killer Digital Marketing Tips: Why, When and How to Use Them

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What are 7 killer digital marketing tips that will grow your company’s online presence so that customers can’t help but notice you?

As a business owner, you’ll know by now that new and repeat customers don’t just come because you’ve got a shiny new website. You know that potential customers are out there somewhere, but they’re just not visiting your site. What gives?

What’s happening is that potential customers are waiting for you to target them by upping your digital marketing game. Unless you do, they’re never gonna find you! If you’re looking to score yourself more customers and choose the best one form digital marketing strategies, here are 7 ace digital marketing tips and tricks that will boost your sales:

  • Make The Most Of Search Engines And Social Media

If you’re going to advertise on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it’s important that you plan your campaigns properly.

To be successful, your campaigns need to target consumers within the right cities (ideally where your store is located), and they need to target consumers from the right demographics. To help you do this, you should use relevant keywords that target the right customers.

  • Track Your Progress

This is one of our best digital marketing tips. In a nutshell, you won’t know how well your campaign is going unless you track your progress. Find out what is working and what isn’t, and tweak your campaign accordingly for better results.

  • Create Shareable Content

To get your website and business seen by more people, it’s important that you create quality content that is engaging and shareable. The more eyes that see your content, the better.

Engaging content can include videos and blogs, but you should always hire professionals to create the content for you.

  • Keep Your Website Fresh

This tips marketing digital is incredibly simple, and yet so many small businesses neglect it. An outdated website that looks un-fresh is going to instantly put site visitors and potential customers offer.

Make sure that you regularly update your website and keep things fresh. When a customer clicks through, they want to be greeted by something eye-catching and informative that’s going to keep them on the page. And don’t forget to use latest digital marketing trends.

  • Go Mobile

Many of us use our mobile phones to check websites, while over 90% of American’s now own a smartphone. These are incredible stats that suggest only one thing: Your digital marketing campaign must focus on mobiles.

  • Generate BackLinks

Sometimes, all it takes is for one powerful, traffic-heavy website to share a back-link to your website for you to boost your own traffic. Top quality back-links can improve your search engine ranking like nothing else. They will also boost the credibility of your business with your customers.

The best way to generate back-links is to create a shareable info graphic that is focused on your business. Alwaysuse a professional to create this info graphic, before emailing it to bloggers and influencers.

  • Use Visuals

Videos and info graphics are trending in digital marketing, and using visuals for storytelling is one of the top tips for digital marketing. Videos and pictures drive engagement, and should be essential tools in your arsenal.

Avail our great digital marketing tips!


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