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Dot Mailer

About the Agency

Their mission is to create marketing as easy as possible. They ensure that marketers will get results and create dramatic improvements in their business.

Short History

In the year 1999, it was founded and their aim is to grow their businesses. Since 1999, they continue to experience great growth in their business. They are proud because they have retained their individualism and culture for many years. They know that happy people are equivalent to successful businesses and happy clients. In the year 2014, they moved into new offices at London Bridge.

From the very beginning, their efforts are focused to ensure that you get only the best training, support, on boarding and package.

About the Team

Dot Mailer have more than 150 powerful teams that are passionate and talented experts. If you want to know how they work, you can check out their team directly. It is one of the digital design agencies having passionate and dedicated team.

They are offering world-class service that is on demand and at hand. Whether you are looking for data, strategy, technical training, campaign management and more, you can ask the help of the company. They are giving the assistance that you need.

  • Onboarding: They will be hands on in each step of the way in order to create transition as seamless as possible.
  • Campaign management: Whether it is a longer-term effort or quick campaign, they have the resource and expertise in helping you to complete the project with implementation latest digital marketing trends.
  • Strategic services: Their expert consultants will assist you as well as improve the performance of clients email activity. They ensure to build actionable insight for better future.
  • Creative studio: Their in-house studio can build great landing pages and performing templates with the use of clients brand assets.
  • Custom integration: Even though the company is integrating with most systems, their team are always there for you.
  • Deliverability: Their team make sure that customers marketing automation will stay on the track and the emails will reach their target.

Videos about Agency


The company is offering numerous marketing services you can choose from. But, obviously, you can compare its services with other company, e.g. Karmarama agency.

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