Creative Marketing Statistics and Predictions You Can’t Ignore

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Creative Marketing Statistics and Predictions You Can’t Ignore

Are you looking for creative marketing statistics? If you are running a creative marketing agency, then you may want to check out some techniques that will help boosting it. In this post, you will learn about pinning your images and keeping social tabs, to name some practices that will help improve your business’ exposure online.

creative marketing statistics

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Marketing Ideas That Will Boost your Business

  • Pin your images: Do not underestimate the image sharing sites’ value. With them, you can post your strongest visual assets such as infographics, templates, and others.
  • Keep social tabs: Facebook pages will allow you to follow other accounts. Here, you can follow your competitors in order to see what their posts are all about and which of those posts get likes and shares.
  • Use your surroundings: Think and be imaginative on how you can use your surroundings and have the best possible marketing.
  • Put up photo contests: It is great for some reasons because it gives sponsors the best form of user-generated content that can be implemented and reused elsewhere.

Creative Statistics

  • Creative industries boast job growth faster: No matter what department you are in, you need to develop content and marketing campaigns for services and products.
  • 75% of the individuals think they are not living to their creative potential.
  • There are 3.6 out of 10 individuals who feel that being creative is essential to the economy of their country.
  • Individuals spend over 50% of their time in finding online content.

Measurement Remains Problematic

Regardless of strategies, most of the small businesses will continue to have a hard time in measuring their digital investments. Also, some of them will have a difficult time in tracking or perhaps they cannot track anything. In addition, some online businesses agree that they do not know what digital tactics should be used for big revenue.

By learning about creative marketing statistics, you will be able to devise possible solutions for your business and make a name for it online.

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