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Creative Agency Wiredcraft

Company Name: Wiredcraft

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin, Shanghai

Services Provided: Strategy, Design, UI & UX, Web Development, Mobile, DevOps

Full Address: Engeldamm 64b 10179 Berlin Germany

About the Agency

Headquartered in two major cities of Shanghai and Berlin, Wiredcraft is a creative web agency that has transformed numerous brands since it started in the business. The creative development company specializes in data science, API, web, and apps development. Wiredcraft develops apps for both IOS and Android – among the widely used platforms used by customers. This web agency sees to it that brands are positioned in the strategic platforms and that customers can enjoy the unique experience just by using them.

Short History

Wiredcraft started in 2012 with about 10-15 staff. The first five years have been crucial to the start of the company as it struggles from the establishment and increasing market demands. It initially ventured in building its own products and managed to launch few websites but it only appealed to very few audiences. In the later parts of 2014, Wiredcraft started to pick its pace in the business and good clients came down in the pipeline. The company was invited in one of the prestigious gatherings of technology developers, the TechStars. Although the company did not join TechStars, it was a start of something new for the team. As of today, Wiredcraft has three offices – in Berlin, Washington DC, and Shanghai.

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About the Team

Wiredcraft is a combination of several nationalities including American, Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, and German. These diverse individual are of high skills and experience. They specialize in app and web development, content management, and online marketing.

The company has a specialized team responsible for data analytics and brand design. Wiredcraft team is composed of Quentin Berder, the company president, Ronan BerderCEO & Founder, Mik Pathikirikorale, Project Manager, groups of developers including Aleksi Pekkala, Baruch Berger, Charlie Li, Chopper Lee, Haishan Han, Jamie Stobbs, Johnny Gu, Juha Suomalainen, Kate Wu, Kuno Qing, Leo Zhou, Ma Yi, Wayne Wang, and Xavier Zhou.

It also employs the most talented designers, Hope Chen, Iris Zhou, and Jan Wang. Makara Wang manages R&D, Dominika Wydmuchas Operations Manager, and Alexis Jing as Operations Assistant. Online Marketing group is composed of Coco Yu, Katie Richard, Samantha Cheah, and Thomas Portolano. Hazel Wuis Operations Administrator while Vera Zhao is responsible for Quality Assurance. The infrastructure team is composed of Qingfeng Xu, Song Sun, and Vincent Viallet.

Wiredcraft is a creative web agency that specializes in making brand names known and published in the most appropriate platform. Its services include designing business strategy, the web, app development, and data analytics, and it works on product development, elections, and Open Data projects.


  • Strategy: Wiredcraft helps clients determine what they really want for their brand. They provide professional advice both for start-up and established firms. The company has long standing experience in brand positioning. For the past years, it has helped clients manage their brands – from design to product launch.
  • Product Design, UI & UX: Among Wiredcraft’s major specializations are product design, UI and UX. The company works by designing products that surely works seamlessly with end users.
  • The Web and Mobile App Development: The Company designs corporate websites and ensures responsive and user-friendly interface. It also develops mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms.
  • Online Marketing: Wiredcraft takes care of how you position your products in the online community. It collaborates with widely used platforms where you must have your brand campaigns published. As part of online marketing, the company has a special team that analyses online market trends such as site visits. The team interprets data gathered from these platforms and studies how they affect the business.

Wiredcraft has been working with several multinational companies and organizations in designing their brands. For the past years, the company has been making significant brand changes for its clients. Among its previous and current projects are in the following section.

Some Examples of Their Work

wiredcraft the World Bankwiredcraft myanmar electionswiredcraft world resources instituteThe journey to a successful business is about how much you believe in your brand and the values it represents. More importantly, it is also a great help if there is a creative marketing company helps you realize that value and helps you position your brand in the strategic place in the online community – an agency like Wiredcraft.

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