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Creative agency LOVE

Company Name: LOVE

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Country: UK

City: Manchester

Services Provided: Advertising, Innovation & NPD, Brand Strategy, Brand Design & Identity, Digital Design, Experiential, Premium Retail, Packaging Design

Full Address: 3rd Floor, 31 Dale Street Manchester England M1 1EY

About the Agency

The success story of a brand does not happen overnight. It is a repetition of people telling and retelling stories about how they enjoyed the experience using such brand. Stories by Love are a creative company that helps you to tell your product stories. These stories are passed on to other users who will share their experience to other people.

This chain of stories is what Stories by Love want to create. They imagine a brand and make it even better. They believe in endless possibilities of what your brand do. And most of all, they are storytellers who tell the stories the way people want to see and hear them. They are dream fulfillers.

Short History

Stationed in Dale St. Manchester, England, Stories by Love was established in 2001. The company started with less than a hundred staff members and then grew into two hundred.

The company has more than 250 awards under its belt including D&AD recognition, Creative Review, Design Week and Clio. It was honored by the Drum as “Design Agency of the Year”​in 2015.

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About the Team

Love is composed of energetic and imaginative team who sees the world in a different way. They are creative thinkers, passionate writers, experienced designers, and content publishers.

Headed by CEO Trevor Cairns, the team is composed of other Directors such as Dave Palmer, Paul Chorlton, Chris Myers as Senior Creative Director. Creative Director for Packaging is Sam Wilkes, in 3Dis Russell Ashdown and Kevin Phillips in Advertising.

Ines Rollason manages the Account dept. and Chris Jeffreyson the Creative team. Andy Lafferty, Patrick Harvey, and Jodie Rudge are Senior Creative. Nick Johnson serves as 3D Designer and Simon Bradley asArtworker. Rory Sutherland heads the Creative team along with Gary Toal.

Among other members are,

  • DaniWedderburn – Head of Production
  • Jennifer Madden – Creative
  • Phoebe Trezise – Finance Manager
  • Gemma Boardman – Senior Account Manager
  • Charlotte Owen – Account Manager
  • Will Teal – Creative
  • Richard Attwater – Senior Account Director
  • Helen Lazzari – Creative
  • Alistair Hitchen – Account Manager
  • Eleanor Winder – 3D Designer
  • Holly Bee – Senior Account Manager
  • Kate English – Senior Account Director
  • EftihiaSpyropoulou – Planner
  • Tom Nicklin – Senior Creative
  • Jonathon Tahanha – Senior Account Manager
  • Melanie Dixon – Account Manager
  • Paul Shipley – Senior Creative
  • Matthew Cooper – Senior Account Manager
  • Kat Towers – Head of Culture
  • Isobel Eling – 3D Designer
  • Laura Fell – Junior Copywriter
  • Talitha Palmer Roberts – Senior Account Manager
  • Charles Grant – Senior Creative
  • Alice Holland – Account Executive
  • Mike Emerson – Creative
  • Neil Bennett – Strategy Director
  • Lucy Gregory – Traffic Manager
  • Helen Ramsbottom – Account Director
  • Katy Ennis – Senior Creative – Packaging
  • Baljit Almond – Office Manager
  • Tess Sweeney – Creative
  • Oliver Jackson – Creative
  • Ashley Schofield – Junior Creative
  • Mark Arrowsmith – Creative
  • Leanne Watkinson – Creative
  • Ellen Ling – Creative
  • TeighlorWigley – 10,000th Follower
  • Harry Heptonstall – Creative


Brand Development

They help create, recreate and position brands in the most effective ways. They see to it that brands speak the same message across all platforms – reaching the target market. In this sense, people remember the brand not as a name but as an experience.


Content creation and management involves campaigns, online marketing, social media, SEO and PR. The company is experienced in creating useful and compelling content needed to communicate with consumers.


Stories by Love create innovative packaging designs for huge brand products worldwide. They are known for unique, bold and creative strategies meant to entertain the user, creating a lively environment.

Some Examples Their Work

creative agency love workcreative agency love work samplecreative agency love work example

A creative marketing company like Stories by Love is essential in shaping, positioning, and activating brands. Businesses are racing to meet their customers’ expectations. It takes an experienced, skilled, and creative team to deliver those potentials, something Stories by Love can totally come up with.

Hope you picked up something and can better decide when looking for a creative company today!

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