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Creative company The Leith Agency

Company Name: The Leith Agency

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: UK

City: Edinburgh

Services Provided: advertising, marketing, planning, strategy, print, TV, copywriting, creative, digital, social media, radio, partnerships, experiential

Full Address: 37 The Shore Leith Edinburgh EH6 6QU

About the Agency

The Leith Agency is the creative agency that consistently centers on advertising and marketing to help and introduce improvement to local creative communities. This agency creative is popular because of its Scottish soft drink adverts. Presently, they have begun their Leith records, an area where they could promote local Scottish music. They have also started a blog, the Leith Dock, for amazing and interesting events that usually happen in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Their current work is also the famous advertisement of The Snowman for Irn-Bru and the campaign for Scottish smoking ban. The Leith Agency is focusing on their theme, which is “Bold”. They have taglines that say “Bold is not giving people what they want, but what they need” and another one “Bold makes the familiar different”.  Leith is the creative agency that is full of ideas for their clients to make sure they keep on wanting more.

Short History

The Leith Agency was established in St Mary’s School House. The company creative, Leith begun life as a customary promoting office back in 1984. It was voted Scotland’s best publicizing office in 1993 out of a survey for Scotmedia magazine and in 2001 when it won the Scottish Institute of Practitioners in Advertising grant for best battle for advancing now-outdated radio station Beat 106. It was purchased by displaying administrations gather Cello in 2004.

They have already produced campaigns for brands like Honda, Grolsch and SEAT. Back in 2012 for the Scottish government, they have established the “breast cancer awareness campaign.” They were the first agency in UK to have an advertisement showing bare, full-frontal breasts. In 2009, they have received creative awards like the Grand Prix at the Roses Advertising Awards 2009.

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About the Team

Behind the agency creative that has made a record label, a good beer and a winning sauce are members that are determined and talented enough to be placed in their deserved positions.

John Rowley the group chief executive, Richard Marsham the group managing partner, Paula Murray the financial controller, the head of Leith – Ed Brooke and Steve Milne the Head of shore studio.

These people of the company creative make brand experiences to brand new things. Whatever they do, they have an idea at the heart of it.


The Leith Agency is a creative company that it provides services that includes developing partnership marketing, digital planning, brand positioning and creative design. They offer their services in various areas like film, radio, print, digital, direct, events and all design fields.

Developing partnership Marketing

They offer this service because it is an important factor for organizations to be able to have partnerships with other agencies to open new doors for them. They help people to encounter unfamiliar industries with different locations to help them grow and develop as a whole.

Digital Planning

Leith will give you the strategy to plan online, to give you techniques to advertise your organizations on social media networking sites.

Brand positioning

This service helps you in the place where you want to own to target customer’s mind.  Brand positioning of Leith can make your brand get noticed by tons of people. It offers you to have an effective brand positioning technique that will maximize your customers.

Creative design

An organization would not be that interesting with design. The Leith agency can give you a quality creative design for anything you want. It is for you to gain viewers and it will make them interact with what you have made.

Some Examples of Their Work

Leith Agency has made a lot of advertisements and campaigns for different brands and the agency is known for it. Here are some of their clients.

creative agency leith workcreative agency leith work examplecreative agency leith work sample

Leith is located in Edinburgh but their people come from all over the world and that’s what makes them successful, because of fresh and different ideas merging. To know more about the agency, visit their website and check them out.

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