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Creative agency Intermarketing

Company Name: Intermarketing Agency

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Country: UK

City: Leeds

Services Provided: Marketing, Retail, Advertising, Digital, Brand communications, Print, Media, Partnerships, Social media, Photography, TV, video and animation, Response marketing

Full Address: 20 Wood Lane, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 2AE

About the Agency

Intermarketing is an integrated digital creative agency that focuses on the client’s brand and ROI. They offer a full service to help their clients succeed and thrive on the web. They settle for nothing but the best regarding approaches and methods that suit every client. They have offices in London, Sydney, Amsterdam and Leeds. They believe in putting the most important first- their client, customers and people. In addition, they keep on improving their craft and innovate to provide the best digital marketing services to brands.

Short History

The agency creative combines their 30 years of expertise in brand building and their ability to execute ideas in all channels. Whether it is consumer or business, service or product, responsive driven or brand focused, their work is the culmination of unrivalled creativity, impeccable delivery and sound insight.

Intermarketing Agency is part of the Advantage Smollan. They are a group of European based companies offering a wide range of marketing and outsourced sales solutions for retailers and brands.

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About the Team

This creative marketing company is working in an open environment that influences popular culture. The agency team has the credentials and solid background of skills.

  • Steve Sowden: Chief Executive Partner
  • Jamie Allan: Chief Executive Partner
  • Nickii Gray: Managing Partner
  • James Henry: Managing Partner
  • Andrew Watson: Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Mountford: Group Brand Director
  • Michael Harris: Group Creative Director
  • Tom Priestley: Head of Liaison
  • Adam Blain: Managing Director (Australia)
  • Liam Grogan: Director of Digital
  • Stuart Baker: Director of Motion
  • Phil Crampton: Director of Channel Strategy
  • Joey Whincup: Director of Planning and Strategy
  • Scott Gordon: Director of Media
  • James Pearson: Director of Partnerships
  • Rob Edwards: Client Insight Director
  • Jon Palmer: Client Director
  • Kat Martin: Client Director
  • Nicola Mawdsley: Client Director
  • Rob Minto: Client Director
  • Russ Groombridge: CRM Director
  • Simon Long: Creative Director
  • Rich Gell: Creative Director
  • Paul Phillips: Creative Director


  • Creative: From proposition up to delivery, the agency team of brand, advertising, copy and design experts brings ideas into life. They produce beautifully and memorable crafted designs that deliver commercial results. Whatever output, their solutions are completely built on genuine understanding of the brand, market and audience.
  • Digital: Their team of enthusiastic and awesome strategic thinkers looks for smart and simple solutions to complex problems. The team cares about the experience as output. What they do is that they bridge the gap between the audience and the brand and enable clients to connect with individuals through innovative, memorable and exciting experiences across mobile apps, UI/UX, web design, SEO, digital strategy, PPC and web development.
  • Branding: It needs to go beyond emotional or functional benefits. They know that people should not only build brands, but they also need to define it and that is what the agency does for their clients.
  • Motion: From tactical video and TV up to 3D and virtual reality, the agency makes contents that engage people. They are specializing in creative production.
  • Retail: From creative up to production and installation to analysis, the agency delivers integrated campaigns that engage consumers to follow the journey at each touch point.
  • 3D design and CGI: If the client needs an extra dimension, the agency produces creative 3D designs across a wide range of projects.
  • CRM: It is different for each brand and the personalized approach of the company helps clients in solving their CRM challenges while meeting the needs of their customers.
  • Data and insight: These two are the heart of the agency because it provides them with an insight before doing what they have to do. Whether it is a creative strategy, media planning, idea generation, investment or communication, they use insight and data in uncovering human and brand truths that change the behavior of people.
  • Partnerships: They are helping brands in finding new audiences as well as enhancing customer engagement in making magical moments. With the use of data and analytics, they drive loyalty campaigns and acquisitions across numerous platforms and channel.
  • Experiential: The creative web agency is specializing in bringing brands, services and messages to life through art experience. They transform a brand into a rewarding brand experience.
  • Social: Intermarketing agency gives social expertise across owned, earned and paid media.
  • Media planning: They are integrated to give an end-to-end service from data and insight up to analytics and reporting. They are an independent agency that provides agile approach to the changing media landscape. Because they are media neutral, they ensure of pursuing the maximum impact and delivering the best return on investment.

Some Examples of Their Work

creative agency intermarketing work creative agency intermarketing work example creative agency intermarketing work sample

If you want a company creative that offers a full service, then Intermarketing Agency may be what you need. You may want to give them a second look and study your options when hiring a company for your branding and digital designs.

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