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Creative Agency FTWK

Company Name: FTWK

Company URL: Company

Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Services Provided: Business Model Innovation, Design, Service & Product Design, Content, Coding & Implementation,

Full Address: Gürtelstraße 25 10247 Berlin Germany

About the Agency

FTWK is a digital product agency having the philosophy, processes, and people needed in building effective digital services, products and startups from zero to hero. This online creative agency is highly customer service based. Their methods keep their client involved in each step of the process. Also, they understand the essence of marketing in the market as well as services production in the nation.

Some of the clients include crush, Orangina, Crush, Dr Pepper and much more. The good thing with the company is that it is a recognized leader involved in advertising agencies as well as counsellor’s industry. They have the right to be proud of what they have.

One of the reasons of their great reputation is because of their employees, who invested a lot of energy in their development of a business. They place primary importance on the professional and personal development of every team and they are trying to provide their employees with each opportunity to enhance themselves. In their business, their passion continues. As of now, the agency has grown to be as synonymous with outstanding service and uncompromised quality.

Short History

The company has more than ten years of experience as well as expertise in product placement industry. They are working with hundreds of production teams in the United States and Canada. The agency creative acts as a liaison between films, television shows and branded products that are distributed by major networks and studios around the world. Throughout their history, the creative company has been known for their commitment to building long lasting relationship with their clients. They take pride in their reputation, dedication to excellence as well as their promise to develop or find premium properties for clients with the emphasis on sustainability, efficiency and value quality.

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About the Team

When clients and their experts in business, technology, alignment and experience design form “team Beta”, it is where the magic happens. Also, diversity is the mother of their creativity and it solves complex challenges. They are ready in tackling the next big challenges in the age of digital transformation.

They are an international and interdisciplinary team that always ready to solve complex challenges. They love ice cream and they believe in the power of fair and open, people centred and sustainable solutions as the base of their successful relations. In addition, you can contact and communicate with them anytime you want in any language such as French, German, English, Arabic, Danish and others. You can always get in touch with the professional team of the agency.


The product development journey begins with design thinking phase in finding insights as well as a promising hypothesis. The second phase of their journey is about building MVP or also known as Minimum Valuable Product in a lean and agile way. They will repeat the phases until their client’s product will be loved like walnut cookies. Regardless, here are some of the services that they also offer for their clients.

  • Identify needs: This service includes focus groups, user observations, cultural probes and contextual interviews.
  • Understand challenges: This service includes process mapping, value proposition, business modeling as well as trends and analytics.
  • Ideas scenarios: It includes storyboards, JTBDS and roles, service blueprints and customer journeys.
  • Iterate prototypes: It includes prototype and MVP, UX and visual design, testing iteration and hardware hacks.
  • Deliver solutions: It includes training and change, smart tools, backend, and server as well as apps and websites.

The company is a product placement agency that specializes in entertainment, advertainment, marketing, product placement and advertising in television and film. The following are some examples of their work so that you will know how they work.

Some Examples of Their Work

ftwk bayer

ftwk university 4 industry

ftwk wortkowski

There you have the details about the company. If you want to get their help, you can always communicate with them. They are always open to serve and provide what you need. They are doing their best to give you complete satisfaction. The best thing with the agency is that they have great reputation and experience that will make the best product for you. With them, you get what you want. Just only tell what you want to happen and they will be the one to do it for you.

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