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Creative agency Dog Digital

Company Name: Dog Digital

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Portfolio URL: Portfolio

Country: UK

City: London

Services Provided: Online Advertising, Search Marketing, Social Marketing, Web Development

Full Address: 4 Percy Street London W1T 1DF

About the Agency

Dog Digital, a creative digital agency, has been able to bring out creative ideas, and it has maintained to be graceful in pushing the limits of technology, marketing and communication tools.  They have their own process that defines them as an online creative agency, and they have been and will continue to prove that it works and they will work their way to success. They are flexible; they are able enterprise digital platform and advertising campaigns of social media that are multi lingual.

The office follows three main disciplines: Marketing in its many structures, imaginative outline and using technology. Joining these three aptitude sets, Dog makes encounters that impact how people act and feel about a customer’s image and engage them to collaborate with that customer.

Short History

Dog digital was established in 1996. It is an agency relying to 80+ and growing members. This agency can be found in Glasgow, London, Singapore and Jakarta.

Dog enables its customers from a scope of enterprises to change, advance and develop their associations by accomplishing one basic yet difficult thing: Customer encounters that decidedly affect business execution.

About the Team

The members of this online creative agency are unique but talented workers from every different area of communication. This team has their own simple process in which they apply to ensure that they will accomplish whatever goal they have set.

Behind this great digital creative agency is a group of skilled people who works hard to attain their success. Alex Anderson is Dog Digital’s development officer and Alex Petrie is their Client Services officer. Alex Wilson is their Director, Stephanie Lindsay is in marketing, Rob Johnson is the creative, Richie Hume is in project management, Nicola McCann is in Finance, Mark Elder is in charge of Design, Lisa Bonner is their Admin, and Laura Haggerty is one of the few people in Planning and David Hamilton, another director of the team.

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A creative company excels at making their clients outshine. They have their services through their simple process, the “Plan, Make, Promote, Manage’. They offer these services because the process is effective that results to better delivery and have the best outcome.


This online creative agency has the service for research, market intelligence, persona development, Customer journey mapping, creative direction and strategy, UX Audit and Wireframes and lastly, content architecture. They are focused on their clients and planning is based upon the intelligence of a person. They do everything for their clients something like a marketing campaign, a digital platform and even a creative film.


Before you make something, you should have an idea first on what to make and it inspires people. This is the part where ideas can be made into tangible things using technology. After the planning service, Dog digital being a creative company, allows you to make a design, advertisements, content creation, Site cores, Umbraco and Apps and tools.


When you have done something already out of technology, the next step is to promote it. Dog is a digital creative agency, and they can assist you to promote your productions through analytics, search engine optimization, paid search, social media, display media buying and planning and of course email marketing. With this agency’s techniques, functional tools and huge opportunities, you can guarantee that whatever you have made can be promoted.


Ventures are controlled by economically mindful people who think deliberately while completing things. The customer administrations and venture administration groups are an uncommon breed, intrigued by the customers’ enterprises, dedicated to their business methodologies, and devoted to the effective conveyance of activities. Also, the characteristics that make for extraordinary working connections add up.

Some Examples of Their Work

creative agency dog digital workcreative agency dog digital work samplecreative agency dog digital work example

Dog Digital worked in different areas such as Marketing, technology, finance, public sector, sports and entertainment, as well as travel and tourism. Until now, they will continue to work on those fields with professional clients.

If you want to know more about digital marketing services, their offers and their works, learn more about a creative digital agency today!

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