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Creative Agency D8

Company Name: D8

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Country: UK

City: Glasgow

Services Provided: Brand identity, strategy and communications, ecommerce, digital, packaging, integrated campaigns, print, commercial interior & exhibition

Full Address: 74 York Street Glasgow G2 8JX United Kingdom

About the Agency

D8 is an independent company creative that collaborates for brands with ambition and seeks for a competitive marketing edge. This is the company that can make your brand visible. It can help your brand carve memories and experience to your customers through effective marketing channels.
D8 addresses business challenges head-on. It uses its creative expertise, skills, and wide array of networks to conduct research and design creative ideas that people would love to see and experience. It challenges the norm and dare to introduce bolder ideas where it is less expected. It does not conform to the standard but raises the bar of the competition.

Short History

D8 was founded in 1999. It is stationed at 74 York Street, Glasgow, London. Since it was established, it has been working with the largest and most influential brands in the country and other international clients. It also won numerous prestigious awards in the past decades of operation including the Gold Award for Design Marketing Society Star Award.

About the Team

The company is composed of 50 skilled, experienced experts specializing in international brands. These designers, strategists, and marketing planners is led by Creative Director Adrian Carroll. They also have website designers and developers, project managers, and animators, as well as writers and creative illustrators who work together to deliver compelling designs. Among other directors and senior management personnel in the team are David Shanks as Head of Strategy and Business Development, Lorna Smith as Digital Marketing Manager, and Ross McDonald as Business Development Director.

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Among the services that D8 offers include Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, brand communications, marketing, and packaging designs.

  • Brand strategy

D8 works closely with its clients and conduct market researches to have a deeper understanding of the environment, competition, and customers. The company uses these insights to create possible effective solutions specific for the client brand. In this way, clients will be able to obtain the necessary success and reward from the business.
If you have a brand, D8 will help you answer the questions you have in mind. It helps you understand more about your brand and the possibility it can bring.

  • Brand identity, naming, and architecture

Another branding service that D8 offers is giving your brand distinct and suited identity to make it stand out from the rest. It also gives it the solid framework by articulating its properties and highlighting its best features. In this way, the market will perceive your brand as an outstanding product. Here, your brand will have its own message and ways on how to deliver that message to your target clients.

  • Brand communications

After reshaping and dressing up your brand, it is now time for it to communicate. This is about delivering the right message to the right people. D8 makes sure that your brand has the focus, vision, and values. In this way, you will be able to realize tangible results.
Brand communications are carried out using campaigns, messaging, and creating stories. These elements should have one voice – the voice of your brand – echoed in different platforms. In this way, your customers will be able to tell a continuous story about what your brand is about. It is about experience and loyalty.

  • Digital strategy, marketing, UX, development and design

Among other services are digital marketing and strategy and user experience for your brand. These services are about developing marketing campaigns to reach out to your clients. D8 takes care of the planning and implementation of these strategies.

  • Experiential

Creating brand experience is about how your customers receive your brand. D8 makes sure that your brand is delivered to your clients in good images – whether it is through their doorsteps, computer screens, or at the tip of their fingers.

  • Packaging and Point of Sale

This is where D8 makes the difference. This is a creative company known for creating unique and solution-based packaging that you could ever imagine. It delivers packaging solutions not only in boxes and bottles but also in music.

Some Examples Their Work

Among the companies clients include:
online agency d8

agency online d8

creative online agency d8
D8 is a digital creative agency that sees positive in every change. It works fast with minimal risk. It brings straightforward solutions and that they include creative designs, compelling content, and valuable customer loyalty.

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