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Creative Agency Area17

Company Name: area17

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Country: France

City: Paris

Services Provided: Design, Strategy, Visual identity, User experience, Technology, Development, User-generated content, e-commerce, Social networking, Publishing

Full Address: area17 14 avenue Claude Vellefaux Fond de cour à gauche 75010 Paris France

About the Agency

Area17 plans, grows and creates digital products. They can help their clients to become successful by delivering products that will surely improve life, play and work. They specialize in mobile apps for community, content, culture and commerce. They also work for responsive sites and take an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. The creative company places a strong emphasis on their craft in each detail from code to design. The best thing with the agency is that they are joined forces with their clients. They work as one and they immerse themselves in their community, ambition, needs, and culture. The creative development company and their clients establish goals as well as collaborate in iterative process of development, ongoing optimization and design process.

Short History

Area17 is a digital product agency having studios in New York and Paris. It was founded in the year 2003 and they are independently owned. The agency also refers to visual context of brain where the sensory data is received, patterns are recognized and images are formulated.

About the Team

They have 11 up to 50 employees who are working in the agency. Their team is the one to find simple solutions to complex challenges as well as make sure of a strong emphasis on craft. In both studios, they have 37 individuals and they are practicing design, strategy and engineering in equal parts. The company creative operates as single unit that is made up of small, integrated teams. They have:

  • Alexandre Bommelaer as the director for strategy
  • Angela Bliumis for the production
  • Antoine Doury for engineering
  • Basteinne Jaques for the operations
  • Benoit Lemoine for the design
  • Bernardo Corbella for engineering
  • Bethany Conrecode for the operations
  • Christophe da Silva as the director for the design
  • Dante Iniguez for the design
  • David Lamothe as the director for design
  • Dominique Deriaz as the strategy partner
  • Fernando Petrelli for the engineering
  • George Ed as the strategy partner
  • Gilber Moufflet as the engineering director
  • Hannah Kreiswirth as the global managing director
  • Jordan Khammar for the operations
  • Kemp Attwood as the strategy partner
  • Luis Lavena as the engineering director
  • Martin Rettenbacher as the design director
  • Maxime Buckenmeyer as the design director
  • Mike Bryne as the engineering director
  • Arnaud Mercier as the co-founder

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  • Strategic planning: In these creative agency services, they identify actionable opportunities at the same time make sure to prioritize it by effort, risk and value. They start as quickly as possible. Some of the common activities include conducting user research, planning content, technology and product road mapping.
  • Visual identity: The agency design brands that encourage ambition and loyalty and pique curiosity. They also rely on principles of modern design in order to make sure all details are carefully considered and they make sure that the designs are being eloquently executed.
  • User experience: They have creative insight when it comes to data and they are delivering successful user experiences. In the process of prototyping and iteration, they design interfaces that surely bring joy to individuals at the same time allowing them to complete things.
  • Web and mobile engineering: They are developing custom software that responds to the needs of business by creating engineering as the fundamental part of their design process. The agency makes sure to write high quality code prioritizing scalability, performance and reliability.
  • Analytics and optimization: They are creating user activation programs for churn reduction, one on one engagement and on boarding, and they are making sure to measure success as well as ensure optimal reach by implementing holistic frameworks for analytics, SEO, monitoring, content syndication and social.


  • Product strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Web and mobile engineering
  • User experience design
  • Analytics and optimization

Because a close partnership is crucial to success, they join forces with their clients in order to grasp their daily needs as well as future ambitions. They collaborate in the process of rapid development, ongoing optimization and iterative design.


  • Design strategy
  • User experience
  • Visual identity
  • Development
  • Technology
  • Ruby on rails
  • E-commerce
  • Publishing
  • Social networking
  • User generated content

Some Examples of Their Work

opera national de paris area17 sample

There you have an overview about the creative agency. By learning about the offers of the agency as well as its history, team and services for better information on what it can provide you with as well as if it is the company to provide you with the digital enhancement your brand needs.

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