About the Agency

They are Sequence and they are offering diverse digital and creative solutions in helping brands thrive online. They are creative digital agency that give the best for clients and make sure that business of them will be successful.

Short History

For 20 years, this digital media advertising agency is helping brands to achieve their ambitions, whether it is strategic, technical or creative.

About the Team

You will be satisfied to work with their team because they are one of the best on the web. The people behind this DM agency give full effort to give the best project their clients need. They have dedicated team that will work with you.


  • Experience: If you have visitors that do not interact with your site, then it is obsolete. You are lucky because their UX team will make the best experiences for your customers.
  • Design and build: Digital experience is what they do. They do it through building and designing sites just like what they have did on biggest brands in United Kingdom.
  • Mobile: Internet is everywhere, be it apps or mobile. Their team can give you rich experiences.
  • E-Commerce: Creating web applications and ecommerce sites comes with experience and knowledge. As RIO winner, the company can deliver what you need.
  • Digital marketing: Digital brands are important for a business, if you need it, the company will deliver it to you.
  • Hosting: To build your site on high performing hosting platform, ask the help of this creative digital marketing agency.
  • Creative: They have creative thinking that separates them from others. It is one of their biggest strength.

Discover samples of the works and services of Proximity London company.

Examples of Their Works



Sequence is different from other companies. They have something that you will like about and if you believe that they can deliver what you are looking for, start to check their site to avail of their offers and services.

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