About the Agency

Amaze aims to understand relationship and it is their passion for many years. They combine thinking of creative agency with scale and rigour of global consultancy. Whatever they do, you will find fascination with their behaviour as well as technology.

Their identity is not organic, but static. They are constantly growing, changing and shifting in form. They visualizes data that made by their human and digital activities that transformed into three-dimensional form.

Short History

Amaze as digital creative agency was born 12 years ago. They have two decades experience when it comes to digital innovation that is why it is not wonder that it is one of the great companies around the world.

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The good thing with the DM agency is that they offer end-to-end digital services. They have specialist consultants in every discipline and their work covers the digital spectrum. Some of their services include:

  • Ecommerce: This is one of their offered services and if you want the best ecommerce service, then you can try the company.
  • Strategy and innovation: Strategy and innovation is not easy to do. To become successful in your business, you must use exceptional strategies and the agency can give what you are looking for.
  • Digital experience design: Digital is hard to do, but you are lucky because the company is expert with it.
  • Data intelligence: To analyze data, you need to be serious and focus. You need to understand what your data is all about. The company will help you with it.

Some of the services also include enterprise web development, integrated communications and digital operations services. Of course, you can compare them with services from other company, for instance Jellyfish.

Examples of Their Work




This digital marketing consulting company gives the best digital management and implementation that essential for their client’s goals. They have solid understanding on what you want to get and ensure that you get great global digital presence.

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