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Top 5 Best Digital Media Agencies

Use the Best Digital Media Agencies & Companies to Promote Your Business

The use of digital marketing and advertising agency continues to rise. In 2015 digital captured 41.3% of U.S. agency revenue ($19.3 billion out of $46.8 billion). In 2009 digital only accounted for 25.8% of agency revenue. The internet accounted for 28.3% of major-media ad spending in the United States during 2015, which is double that spent in 2009. Employment in digital media has doubled since 2011. According to an Ad Age Datacenter analysis of figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. digital media employment in January 2016 passed broadcast and cable television employment. The writing is on the wall. If you want your business to remain competitive, then you should be using digital media in your marketing strategy.

Digital media marketing encompasses many areas. In order conduct an effective marketing campaign you may want to consider using a professional agency that offers the digital media services you need. The agency you choose will depend on precisely what it is that you want. Social media marketing agencies, internet marketing firms and digital advertising agencies are some of those that offer digital media services with different focuses.

What to Look for in Online Media Agencies

It can be difficult to find the right interactive digital agency to suit your needs. Here are some tips and suggestions you can use for choosing a digital media agency:

  1. Look at the agency website: Before talking to a representative from an agency take a look at their website. Usually, an agency will mention the areas they are strongest in while and not mention those where they are a little weak
  2. What digital marketing tools do they use: You will want to determine what particular tools the agency uses and if they will suit your particular needs
  3. Are they familiar with your industry: Find out what industries the agency usually works with. It is helpful if they are familiar with the marketing challenges and needs in your particular area.
  4. Review past work: Look at some of the work they have done for other companies and see if they perform at the level you need
  5. Check References: Ask for the contact information for some of the agency’s past customers that you can speak with

You should look into several agencies that appear to offer what you need so that you have several options to select from.

Tips for Selecting the Top Digital Media Agencies for Your Needs

The search for the biggest marketing agencies to provide your digital media needs should begin with determining what it is that you want. It will save a great deal of time if you can establish what it is you are trying to achieve and what your goals are. The following are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when selecting a digital media marketing firm:

  • Check out the agency website: Take a look at the website of any agency you are considering. For starters, it will usually mention those areas that they are strongest in and focus on. You can also get an idea of who they are by how they present themselves on their own website
  • Review case studies: Seeing how interactive marketing companies approach a specific problem and what their solution was how is an important factor in selecting an agency. Look at several case studies to see if their type of approach fits with what you have in mind for your business
  • Look for an agency that has done work in your industry: It is usually helpful if an agency has experience in your industry. They will have dealt with many of the issues that may come up previously and will be familiar with the type of audience you are targeting
  • Learn how they measure and report results: Measuring and reporting what works and what doesn’t is important so that it can be determined what needs to be improved

5 Top Digital Media Agencies

There are plenty of great interactive marketing companies and digital media agencies available that offer digital media services. Choosing the best interactive digital agency is difficult as many of the criteria are subjective. Revenue isn’t necessarily a good indicator as a 25 person firm will never generate the type of income a firm employing thousands will. The following is a list of five of the top agencies in digital media along with links to reviews of each firm:

  1. Blue Fountain Media
  2. Big Drop Inc
  3. Huge Inc
  4. Ueno
  5. Redweb

The best digital media agencies consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and focus on providing the best service to their customers as opposed to only paying attention to their bottom line.

Top Digital Media Companies to Work With

There are plenty of companies’ available offering digital media services. An online search will return millions of results. The following is a list of reviews for 5 of the top firms offering digital media services:

  1. Hudson Integrated
  2. Lift Interactive Inc
  3. Delphic Digital
  4. Traction
  5. Sunlight Media LLC

These 5 companies all have excellent reputations as can be seeniny the reviews they have received. But here’s the kicker: they may not be the best digital media and advertising companies for you. It all depends on what you need from a company.

More about Digital Advertising Agencies

Digital Advertising is the term used for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. The majority of such marketing activities takes place on the internet but may also include display advertising, mobile phones and any other digital medium. Internet advertising appeared in 1994 with limited success. Its development since then has changed the way businesses use technology for digital marketing of their products and services. Digital advertising campaigns are becoming more common as digital platforms are incorporated into marketing plans more often. This has given rise to online advertising agencies and social marketing agencies that provide these new marketing services. Digital ad interactive agencies may be involved in providing many different services such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, campaign marketing, social media marketing, e­mail direct marketing, e-books and any other form of digital media.

A Few Interesting Statistics That Reflect the Growth of Digital Advertising

  • Smartphones and tablets are now responsible for 64% of the time US consumers are online.
  • In 2002 the United States spent around $6 billion on online advertising. By 2005 the amount spent on digital advertising had grown to $12.5 billion. It is estimated that in the U.S. the amount spent on digital advertising in 2016 will approach $70 billion.
  • The first web page on the internet was built at CERN, and went online on 6 August 1991. In August 1995 there were 18,957 websites online and by August 1996 there were 342,081. In 2014 the number of websites hit 1 billion but dropped soon after. Only about 25 percent of these sites are active.
  • In December 2005 the number of global internet users passed 1 billion. Global internet users in 2012 reached 2.5 billion and that number is expected to exceed 3.5 billion in 2017.
  • The growth of digital advertising has been amazing and it is going to continue to grow.

Cool Digital Advertising Campaigns for You

There is so much content available now that you have to take some extra steps to get noticed. The following are four cool digital advertising campaigns that attract attention including at least one that will make you say this is crazy:

1. Volvo Trucks: The Epic Split feat. Van Damme



2. Friskies: Dear Kitten

A digital advertising agency will need to examine a lot of different factors to come up with the right campaign for a company’s products.

Starting Your Own Digital Ad Campaign

You don’t need to have interactive agencies like an interactive advertising agency working for you to start your own digital ad campaign. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when starting an advertising campaign online:

  1. Find cheap and creative content: Creative content does not have to be expensive. There is good quality content that is affordable on sites such as Elance and Fiverr.
  2. Provide good content: This isn’t new. If you have heard it once you have heard it a hundred times. Having great content is one of the best things to get a digital advertising campaign started off right.
  3. Incorporate YouTube videos into your strategy: Google owns YouTube and using YouTube videos in your digital advertising can help get you ranked higher.
  4. Search Engine Optimization: You can increase your leads and grow your business by optimizing your website for SEO.

Doing the necessary research and asking the right questions will go a long way towards finding the top digital media companies to put on your short list of firms to consider.

Reviews of the 6 Largest Media Agencies in the World

The following is a list of the 6 biggest media agencies in the world and links to profiles for each:

  1. Starcom MediaVest: The world’s biggest media agency, mainly because of its dominant position in the US. Holding agency: Publicis
  2. OMD: Has topped the rankings of awards for media planning and media buying every year since 2004. Holding agency: Omnicom.
  3. ZenithOptimedia: The other major media network within Publicis.
  4. Mindshare: The largest of WPP’s four global media networks.
  5. Carat: Tied with MediaCom for 5th in the global rankings. It was for many years the world’s largest media independent until acquired by Dentsu in 2012.
  6. MediaCom: Tied with Carat for number 5 in the global rankings. It is especially strong in Europe and the two key markets of the UK and Germany.

Choosing the Best Digital Media Agency for You

You want the best agency to represent your company so what do you do? You can select an agency with a pile of awards but here’s the kicker; they may have little or no experience in the particular area of digital marketing you need. When selecting an online media agency you want the agency that can best fulfill your particular needs and not the one with the most awards. Before you run out and hire an agency take the time to do some homework to make sure you end up with the best digital media agency for you. Agencies often have a specific specialty they focus on. For example, an interactive media agency specializes in digital content that the audience can engage with although it may not be the only thing they do.

Put the work in and do the research required and there is no reason why you can’t get a good campaign going even if you don’t hire one of the digital advertising agencies out there!

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