This Idea of Creative Ad Agency Will Totally Change the Way You Think

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This Idea of Creative Ad Agency Will Totally Change the Way You Think

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Do You Need a Creative Ad Agency?

For advertising to be effective it must be creative not only in how it is presented but also in how its message is conveyed to consumers. There are some major challenges involved in developing an effective digital advertising campaign and many companies choose to hire experts to handle the task as they lack the necessary skills themselves. There are many different channels for digital advertising as well as technologies that may be used. A creative digital agency can come up with an innovative advertising idea and develop it into an engaging and compelling marketing campaign across multiple channels. Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the budget to hire an interactive marketing agency even though digital marketing in general is far more inexpensive than traditional advertising as well as more effective. It gets better for small businesses in that it is possible for you to start your own creative ad campaign.

Starting Your Own Creative Ad Campaign without Using Creative Advertising Agencies

Obviously hiring creative advertising companies to develop an ad campaign for your business is preferable, especially if you lack experience. However, while it may prove challenging, creating your own campaign is definitely possible and there are many free resources online that you can turn to for much of the information you will need. The following are a few tips to keep in mind while working on your campaign:

  • Determine your target audience: For an ad to be effective it needs to be seen by your target audience. Identify your audience and find out what platforms will be best to reach them.
  • Research the best medium for your audience: Look at each type of medium keeping your target audience in mind. Basically you will be analyzing which mediums will be the most effective use of your advertising dollars.
  • Keep your message consistent: It is important to keep everything consistent so that potential customers can begin to identify you from the various elements of your campaign.
  • Focus on the benefits: How will your product or service make the potential customers life better?

Keep it as simple as possible is always a good practice even for those with experience in digital marketing.

A Cool Idea for Your Ad Campaign

There are tons of amazing examples of campaigns developed by creative advertising agencies all over the internet. Before you get too enthusiastic about a creative campaign keep in mind the limitations that come with having a small budget and no digital advertising agencies to assist you. An advertising campaign that was highly successful on a limited budget was created by Orabrush. Orabrush is a company that sells tongue cleaners which aren’t a product that excites very much interest. Getting nowhere with traditional marketing they created a “Bad Breath Test” video that employed humor to promote their tongue cleaner. The video which cost Orabrush $500 was posted on YouTube where it has had over 40 million views. It also helped them attract more than 340,000 Facebook fans and 5000 plus Twitter followers. Here is a link to the Orabrush video:

Orabrush took the idea of the “how to video” and added a creative twist with spectacular results. That is an idea that made effective use of their advertising dollar that any creative ad agency would hope to equal.

It’s always an amazing idea to hire a creative ad agency to draw attention of potential customers to your product!

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