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Discover Leading Social Media Advertising Agencies

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Promote Your Business Using Social Media Advertising Agencies

There are plenty of advantages to social media advertising. You can engage potential customers and increase your brand visibility. Social media advertising is cost effective and economical compared to many other forms of marketing. It offers the opportunity to get invaluable insight into consumers’ perception of your products, services, industry and other topics of interest. By becoming involved in the social web you can learn the same things that bigger companies do using focus groups, market research surveys and other methods of learning what consumers think but at a fraction of the cost. Here’s the deal though. A heavy handed approach to consumers on social media is going to have the opposite effect of what you want. A more subtle approach is called for. Determine what people are interested in and what they’re talking about so you can then provide useful information and content for them. There are many social media platforms and they all require a different approach. Using a social media advertising agency that is familiar with the different platforms and the best way to approach each may be the best option for you.

Different Media Platforms a Social Advertising Agency Might Deal with

When people think of social media, what usually comes to mind are social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However there are many other forms of social media sites including:

  • Social media submission sites: Sites like Reddit and Digg allow users to submit articles, videos, podcasts and other types of content they think the community would appreciate. These types of sites tend to have a great deal of discussion and debate which can provide insight into the way people think and react.
  • Forums and discussion sites: Google Groups and Yahoo Groups are examples of these types of social media sites. There are discussion sites and forums for just about any topic you can imagine.
  • Media sharing sites: These are sites which allow members to upload, share, comment on and discuss various types of media such as videos and pictures. YouTube and Slideshare are examples of media sharing sites

These are just a few of the different types of social media sites out there. Social advertising companies should know which the best for your particular circumstances are and what approach to use to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Some Fact and Figures Regarding Social Media in 2016

The following are a few statistics for social media in 2016 that you may find interesting:

  • 93% of organizations use social media content as their main content marketing tactic.
  • On average, B2B marketers use 6 different social media platforms to distribute their content. The top four platforms used are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content
  • Shopify users referred by Pinterest spend an average of $80 compared to the Facebook referral average of $40.
  • The most popular social media platform among B2C businesses is Facebook, with 94% reporting its usage. B2B marketers prefer to use LinkedIn with 94% using it as part of their content strategy.

Tips for Selecting a Social Media Ad Agency

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing interactive marketing companies to handle social media advertising for you:

  • Review the case studies of the companies you are considering to hire. Ask for links to the social media campaigns they are managing right now for their clients. An agency that can’t should be avoided. Look for an agency with case studies that are in line with your goals
  • Look for an agency with experience in your industry. Best digital media agencies with experience in your field is more likely to produce the results you are hoping to achieve.
  • Ask the agency for references. A reputable firm should have no problem with this. Ask these references what type of results the received and were they as promised. Would they use them again and would they be comfortable recommending them to other businesses?
  • Check to see if they have any reviews online. Sites such as Yelp and Google+ are good places to look. A bad review may not be a deal killer but you should question the agency about it.

The following is a link to a review of a leading social media agency:

Social media advertising agencies that are good at what they do can have a tremendous impact on your marketing so put in the time and effort to find the best firm to meet your needs.

Learn what are the advantages of working with social media ad agency and how they provide their services today!

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