A Full List of Free Digital Markering Online Courses

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A Full List of Free Digital Markering Online Courses

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A Full List of Free Digital Marketing Online Courses

Which digital marketing online courses will improve your marketing skills, without charging a single dollar? Digital marketing skills are massively in demand right now. Because more and more companies are trying to level up online and grow their business, the need for pro digital marketers is increasing by the hour.

Whether you want to work for a digital marketing agency, or whether you simply want to create your own digital strategy for your company, taking an online digital marketing course is a smart idea. You can get useful tips for digital marketing and other helpful info.

Top 5 Free Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

  • WordStream’s PPC University

PPC University is 100% free. An online learning centre, it helps to strengthen and refine your digital marketing and PPC skills.

WordStream PPC University has access to thousands of accounts, and there are lessons available for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. There are also modules for social advertising, while webinars and white papers are also offered on the course.

  • Google Online Marketing Challenge

Google is at the forefront of digital marketing online courses with this, their online marketing challenge. Over 100,000 people have so far participated in it, and modules include search engine marketing, introductory digital marketing, social, mobile and analytics.

It’s hugely comprehensive, and is aimed at beginners. Google also give participants a $250 AdWords budget that they can spend over three weeks on their own online ad campaign. You can even win a prize!

  • Social Media Quick Starter Digital Marketing Course

Social Media Quick Starter teaches you how to integrate social media marketing with email. In the process, you’ll have how to get the most out of both channels. The lessons are step-by-step, and users will learn the secrets of digital marketing tactics for the likes of Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This online digital marketing course is aimed at beginners, and is packed with all kinds of useful stuff, including how-to-guides and glossaries that explain terms and jargon.

  • Alison Free Diploma In E-Business

There are more than 6,000,000 registered users in Alison, which is essentially one of the best online digital marketing courses that is also a community.

It was developed by Mike Freerick, the free online courses pioneer, and has been running since 2007. You can take the awesome Diploma in E-Business, which lets you hone your skills in Google Analytics, AdWords, search optimization, revenue metrics analysis and much much more.

  • Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification

Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification has a rather lengthy name – as well as a verycomprehensive program. There are presently over 3,000 students registered on the course, which offers an incredibly 38 lectures – entirely for free! You will learn the basics of SEO, inbound marketing, blogging, landing pages and email marketing, as well as how to bring everything together into one system that works for itself. You will know about latest trends in digital marketing and even more.

Upon completion, you will receive a badge to put on your resume.

So, choose the best from these top 5 best digital marketing courses online!

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